Europe’s Trouble With Islam

Europe’s trouble with Islam is another symptom of social pathology that is impossible to understand without knowledge of sociopolitical characterology (see blog, Can Muslim Societies Be Compatible With Democracy? November 27, 2010).

Muslim society is rigidly authoritarian.  Based on severe sexual repression of children and adolescents, the subjugation of women, a strong mystical tendency and commitment to the Muslim system of law (shariah) over Western law, most Muslim immigrants in Europe belong in varying degrees to the right of the sociopolitical spectrum.  Proceeding from the political center to the extreme right, this group includes conservatives, extreme conservatives, reactionaries and fascists.  Therefore, the political mainstream in Muslim societies is somewhere to the right of center.

By contrast, Western societies today are anti-authoritarian.  Based on the abolition of male authority and the authoritarian family, the widespread disregard for all forms of social tradition and law including the prevalence of sexual license and the use of street drugs, the political mainstream in Western society is shifted far to the left of center. Proceeding from the political center to the extreme left, leftists includes liberals, socialists and pseudo-liberal/communists.  To complicate matters, this leftward shift has necessarily resulted in the polarization of European society with many non-Muslim Europeans gravitating to the political extremes of left and right.  These are the major underlying bio-social forces that are operating in the cultural clash between the Muslim and non-Muslim  Europeans.

Those belonging on the political right have a selective attitude toward social life.  To the degree that Muslims are on the political right, they have difficulty adjusting and are intolerant of a society dominated by leftist norms.  This is why they  segregate themselves and live separately from the rest of the European community in accordance with their Muslim mores.

On the other hand, non- Muslim Europeans belonging on the political right, have difficulty with, and are intolerant of the Muslims’ way of life in Europe.  They expect Muslims to adjust to Western ways overnight.

Europeans belonging on the political left, on the other hand, have a collectivist attitude toward social living.  These leftists go to a great extent to accommodate themselves and tolerate the Muslims’ way of life in Europe, some even supporting shariah law for European Muslims.  Thus, the presence of large numbers of Muslims in Europe exacerbates the divisiveness of an already riven society.  The recent massacre in Oslo is the latest manifestation of this polarization in European society.

It is impossible to make sense of what is going on between European Muslims and non-Muslim Europeans without first understanding  the socio-political character structure of those involved in what is happening.

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