The Emotional Plague, The Origin Of Social Pathology, Is Not Recognized

Today’s state of knowledge of social pathology is not unlike that which existed about medical pathology in the seventeenth century when there was little or no scientific knowledge of the origin of infectious and other diseases. Imagine practicing medicine or surgery without knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology and all the other branches of medicine necessary to diagnose and treat medical conditions.  Yet, this is exactly what the sociologists, economists  and politicians of today are trying to do when they attempt to remedy social problems without a proper scientific orientation which requires among other things taking into account a careful history of the biological origin of  social pathology.  Expecting today’s politician to take care of social problems is like giving a barber surgical tools and asking him to perform heart surgery.

Particularly destructive is the lack of understanding of the function played by a politician’s individual and sociopolitical character in determining social and political policy.  A politician’s character structure and not the political party to which he belongs is the primary determining factor in his or her political thinking and behavior.  The public’s ignorance of this important fact is the reason that high ranking politicians with a communist character structure posing as true Democrats and members of the Democratic Party are able to do enormous economic harm by, for example, shoving tax and socialist programs down the public’s throat.   Happening today in front of everyone’s eyes, no one really sees these impersonators for who they are and what they are doing .  This is because the function of the communist’s sociopolitical character structure is not understood:  A communist is an emotional plague character on the extreme left, someone who will do whatever it takes to bring down America and in so doing destroy all forms of healthy social life worldwide.

More generally, the emotional plague has infested every part of social and political life.  Yet, the emotional pathology of the armored masses of people that contributes to each and every one of our social problem is consistently evaded.  Some serious examples are the increase in dependency and sense of entitlement of the armored helpless masses on the productive segment of society; the self-serving ever-present leftist politicians ready to take political advantage of the situation; the politicians from both sides of the sociopolitical spectrum who attempt to solve economic problems by interfering with and controlling market forces and so on. These as well as other social problems will continue to escalate until the emotional plague is recognized, sequestered and treated like every other infectious epidemic disease that infests human life.

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