Mr. Netanyahu’s Speech: The Exception That Proves The Rule

In my blog “Making Sense Of Politics”, May 21, 2011 I state that the biological core, the source of every constructive social endeavor is not represented at all in social life.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the joint session of Congress on May 24, 2011 is the exception that proves the rule.

Mr. Netanyahu’s view of the Arab-Israeli conflict originates from his biological core.  It is life positive and is based on the right of all humans, Jews and Arabs alike, to live with each other in peace and harmony.  This means recognizing Israel as an independent Jewish state. His aggressive response against Islamic terrorist organizations such as Hamas has proven to be more effective in securing the state of Israel in a hostile world than the approach of the soft-liners.

His approach indicates that he has some understanding of the emotional plague’s operation.  For example, in his speech he stated that whenever any mention is made of terrorist attacks that are made against Israel, the world reacts with silence, and attention is directed on Israel as the culprit.  However, having an intuitive awareness of the plague is one thing and stopping its destructiveness is another.  The plague must be universally recognized for what it is, a destructive social force embedded in every armored individual that can, when conditions are right, wreck havoc on every life positive social vision such as the one so eloquently stated by Mr. Netanyahu before Congress.  The world will probably soon forget Mr. Netanyahu’s words as the emotional plague of armored humans silences him in front of everyone’s eyes.

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