Making Sense Of Politics

In order to make sense of politics one first has to think functionally and have an understanding of the three basic layers of the bio-psychic structure of  armored humans: the biological core, the destructive middle layer and the superficial layer or social facade. Otherwise, one is likely to throw one’s hands up in frustration and walk away from what is happening.

All political interactions occur from the social facade.  However most political activity originates from the destructive middle layer while the biological core, the source of every constructive social endeavor, is not represented at all in social life.  To make matters worse, most people operate in politics as if the destructive middle layer, the source of human evil, did not even exist.  It’s as if the emperor has no clothes: all political activity is believed to occur and can be addressed satisfactorily in a rational, parliamentary fashion from the social facade.  This charade, expounded mainly by the political Left, continues to have tragic consequences while the political Right, having nothing better to offer, finds itself following in the same path.

This is the unfortunate state of affairs in politics today.  It is the reason that American society is falling apart and that the survival of America nationally and internationally is increasingly becoming a matter of chance.  People in political power remain ignorant of the underlying dynamics of the biological forces, both healthy as well as destructive, that govern social life.  What is more, there is no indication that they are in the least bit interested in learning about them.  “Politics as usual” is the rule.

The world is fortunate to have knowledge that can potentially reverse this dangerous decline in social conditions.  The subject of politics is discussed extensively in my upcoming book, “Neither Left Nor Right”.


  1. A concise and profound analysis of politics, and I’m looking forward to your new book.
    If one wants to see an example of politics that emerges from the core, then I would recommend this speech by Israeli PM Netanyahu before Congress on the 24th. He re-iterates core issues of survival and peace, is not superficial, and does not pander to the secondary layer.

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