Conspiracy Theories And The Operation Of The Emotional Plague

Conspiracy theories are an attempt on the part of armored humans to understand the existence of the emotional plague. However, armored people think  of social interactions in terms of conscious intent and this is the weakness of all conspiracy theories. Regardless of the merit of the facts, they attribute some kind of malice or deliberate intent on the part of the alleged conspirators. By so doing, they miss the essential point that all human behavior is driven by the persons individual or socio-political character structure. This behavior originates from and is determined by unconscious biological forces residing deep within the destructive secondary layer of armored people.

Emotional plague ridden individuals do not consciously “conspire” to organize and carry out their destructive actions. They spontaneously gravitate to each other and operate together because they share a common goal without any conscious or evil intent. The collaboration of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela on the extreme Left and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran on the extreme Right illustrates the tendency of plague individuals to spontaneously organize against their common enemy, the free world (particularly America), even though they belong on opposite sides of the socio-political spectrum.


  1. Dear Dr. Konia:

    What is your take on Reich’s “red thread of a conspiracy,” etc. of his last years?

    • Reich’s “red thread of conspiracy” was based on his understanding that all destructive behavior on the social scene (the emotional plague) is governed by impulses from the secondary layer- the Freudian unconscious. Emotional plague-ridden individuals on the political Left spontaneously organized with the sole purpose of bringing Reich down. The conspiracy against Reich must be understood from this perspective.

      • Dr. Konia,

        This is an interesting question that is not addressed in any of the reviews I have read of Jim Martin’s book, Wilhelm Reich and The Cold War – the book itself is rare (limited to 500 copies) and very hard to find, so, since you’re answering questions, and I haven’t read the book, have you read it, and can you answer if the question of self-organization within historical fascist power structures is addressed?

        Peter Nasselstein,

        I would recommend Reich’s article from Orgone Energy Bulletin Vol. IV No. 3, pp. 162-170, Truth Versus Modju, which illustrates the process of this self-organization quite concisely

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