Natural Authority, Compulsive Authority And Anti-authority

The emotional plague thrives on confusion by generating more of the same. The mix-up around the significance of authority is an important example. As a result, there is no general understanding of the distinction between the social function of rational and irrational forms of authority.

This distinction depends on recognizing the three layers of the human bio-psychic structure: the biological core, the secondary destructive layer and the surface or superficial facade. Rare in armored society, natural authority originates from the biological core and is directly expressed without distortion through the surface. It serves to maintain healthy forms of social life.

The transformation of Western society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian occurred around 1960. The typical form of authority in authoritarian Western society of the past was  compulsive authority.  Through repression, it was directed against both impulses from the biological core (healthy) and pathological (destructive) impulses of people.  Despite its shortcomings, the authoritarian social order largely preserved the authority of individuals.  The repressive focus of compulsive authority on healthy versus pathological life depended on the rigidity of the particular authoritarian society.

Anti-authoritarianism is the typical form of authority in today’s liberal, Western societies. It  developed as a result of the breakdown of the past authoritarian social order and its necessary replacement with centralized (State/collective) authority. Primarily opposed to any form of individual or local authority and healthy expression from the biological core,  anti-authoritianism originated from and is in the service of expressing impulses from the secondary destructive layer of armored human beings. Core contact is completely absent. Today’s anti-authoritarian social order is directly responsible for the qualitative disintegration of every form of social life.


  1. Dr Konia,
    Do you think it is inevitable for the anti-authoritarian order to become red fascism, or is it possible to develop into black fascism or even anarchy? Also do you think there is a conscious conspiracy with pseudo-liberals to destroy and replace the social order with their image, or is it more akin to setting off dynamite just for the sheer destruction?
    Thank You

    • The anti-authoritarian social order if allowed to continue unchecked necessarily degenerates into some form of socialist state. Today’s pseudo-liberal character is identical to the old time communist. Their ultimate goal is the same, to bring about “one world” through political activism. The only difference is that the today’s pseudo-liberals tactics are not through overt political violence that was used by the Bolsheviks in 1917 but instead subversive use of the democratic process itself, the very process that brought them to power through accepted socio-political activity in the first place.

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