The Spread Of The Anti-authoritatian Social Order To The Muslim World

The transformation of Western society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian began around 1960.  A manifestation of the emotional plague (see glossary), it was partly the result of the so-called sexual revolution and the decline in the authoritarian form of sexual repression.  The promise of the new anti-authoritarian society was  hoped to bring about greater sexual freedom and happiness for the younger generation.  In reality, because no attempt was made to distinguish between rational authority which requires protection and compulsive or neurotic authority, what it brought about was disastrous.   Much of what was of value in the authoritarian order such as the structure of the family was destroyed  as well as the breakthrough of every kind of destructive social activity imaginable.  To make matters worse, there was no attempt made to look at the reasons that the sexual needs of young people were not fulfilled and why the movement ended in disaster.

Because of the enormous technological advances of Western civilization such as the computer and the Internet it was only a matter of time before the anti-authoritarian movement with its mindless, mechanical emphasis on unconditional freedom for all people would spread from the West and infect the rigidly authoritarian nations of the Muslim world.  The revolutions that are currently happening throughout the Islamic world are only the first wave of what is to come.  At present, the social, economic  and military consequences of these revolutions can only be guessed at because these are the most superficial manifestations of the anti-authoritarian movement.  What is certain, however, is that the power of the deposed rulers will be taken over by others  but there will be no genuine improvement in social conditions in Islamic nations until people’s underlying biological emotional needs, particularly those of newborns, infants and children are recognized and protected. Until then, these countries will continue to be a potential breeding ground for tyrants and terrorists.

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