Why There Can Never Be A Truce Between The Left And The Right

Political ideology originates from the basic contradiction in the structure of every armored human being: the longing  for greater freedom and happiness on the one hand and the desire for safety and security on the other.  In America, liberal ideology is determined by and is the expression of the underlying hope for the promise of freedom and universal happiness. Liberal ideologues have no sense of people’s  biophysical limitations based on their armored condition.  Conservative ideology is determined by the belief that these desired states of being, if not unrealistic are, at the very least, not practically attainable beyond what people actually have.  Therefore, people in America should count their blessings and feel  grateful for what they have.

From a biophysical standpoint, ideological differences are the result of differences in people’s pattern of armor. In general, liberal characters have greater amounts of ocular armor relative to muscular armor.  Relying solely on their intellect, they see the world idealistically, that is, the way they would like it to be. This distorted and highly destructive view permits them to come up with political and social “solutions” that they mistakenly believe will solve social problems.  The pattern of armor is reversed in conservative characters.  In general, they have less ocular armor and more muscular armor.  Conservatives are in better touch with reality and recognize their limitations in being able to bring about social improvement. These biologically based differences in the pattern of armor account for the ideologies of the Left and Right and is the reason that they can never see eye to eye on any particular social or political issue.

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