The Socio-political Dynamics Of A Con Operation

As in the case of individuals, a con operation in the socio-political arena involves the dynamic interaction of two forces.  With two individuals there is, on the one hand, the person who has an emotional or material need for something and on the other, there is the con artist waiting and ready to “supply” this need.  The relationship between the investors and Bernie Madoff with his Ponzi scheme is a classic example.

The same relationship exists in the socio-political realm.  Here, the two forces are the emotionally crippled, helpless  public who have a neurotically based material need to be given something on the one hand, and the freedom peddlers in government who seem to be able to supply this need; for example, by providing low interest mortgage loans or “free” health care coverage, on the other.  Borrowing from Peter (the productive, taxpaying segment of society) to pay Paul (the non-productive, non-taxpaying segment) is an example of a huge Ponzi scheme that is operating by politicians in the Federal government in front of everyone’s eyes.  The con operation happens mostly unnoticed because an ever increasing segment of the American public believes that  they are in need of being taken care of and the responsibility is quickly assumed  by leftist-oriented  politicians of both parties ready to take advantage of the situation. Most importantly, this situation does nothing to improve the quality of life of the people that are supposedly being helped. It makes them even more dependent on the government than they were before. It also further erodes the free market as it lines the pockets and increases the power of the con artists acting collectively in politics.

The way to stop a con is to expose it.

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