The Political Strategy Of Leftist Ideologues

In order to make sense of the political behavior of leftist ideologues in America, an understanding of the three functional layers of every individual’s bio-physical structure is necessary. These are the superficial layer or facade, the deeper, socially destructive middle layer and the deepest layer, the biological core.

Having no contact with their core and depending on whether or not they are in political power, ideologues on the political Left shift back and forth from their superficial layer (by impersonating  true liberals) to their destructive, middle layer and back again. When not in political power (prior to 2008), they operated from their superficial layer and pretended that they were genuine liberals. Once they gained power in 2008, these falsely named (pseudo) liberals revealed their true identity. In full view of a surprised public, they abandoned their liberal facade and blatantly operated entirely from their destructive middle layer. They packaged their socialist agenda as social progress and shoved it down the public’s throat, proving that their objective is to weaken and ultimately destroy America both domestically and internationally and that therefore, they are, in fact no different than old-fashioned communists. Now  that they are again not politically dominant (in 2011), they have returned to assuming their seemingly benign  liberal facade. And this is the way that the Left will appear until they next take control of government. This is called the salami method of government, takeover of a country slice by slice

The Left’s temporary retreat is designed to give the appearance  that they are currently relenting on some of their destructive political rhetoric and goals. Because the public recognizes only what is on the political surface, this will be viewed by some on the Right as a victory but this is wishful thinking. The facile changes in the pseudo-liberal/communist’s facade are entirely calculated.Their tactics are always in the service of maintaining and increasing political control over people.


  1. Dr Konia,
    A very interesting posit on the shifting of political layers with the climate. Since there are many different viewpoints on the current administration’s agenda and just as many constituents who feel disappointed, could you give a few concrete examples of Obama’s true-liberal statements versus his pseudo-liberal actions?
    Thank You

    • Mr. Malek,
      In response to your queries, I refer you to Kimberley A. Strassel’s article in the January 21, 2011 edition of The Wall Street Journal, entitled “Obama’s Great Leap Rightward.”

      • You’re the gereatst! JMHO

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