The Courage For Finding A Cancer Cure

An article regarding a cure for cancer recently appeared in The Wall Street Journal ( “A Geneticist’s Cancer Crusade” November 27-28 2010).  In it,  geneticist James Watson, the co-discoverer of  DNA,  declared that “we should have the courage that we can do it.”  He adds a warning: “if we say we can’t do it, we will create an atmosphere where we just let the FDA  [Food and Drug Administration] keep testing going on so pitifully.”  Dr. Watson continues, “The FDA has so many regulations…They don’t want you to try a new thing if there is an old thing that might work.”

It is true that the FDA has placed a stranglehold on any cancer research that is outside of its mechanistic paradigm. This powerful federal agency is an undisguised manifestation of the emotional plague.  It operates autonomously without any check on its sphere of power.  It is also true, as Dr. Watson states, that courage is a necessary ingredient for finding a cancer cure.  But courage, in itself, is not enough.  Modern genetics is limited in its ability to be successful because it deals exclusively with genetic functions and only in a mechanistic, not functional, fashion.  What is missing is a way of thinking that provides an understanding of the origin of the cancer process which is an area that is outside the domain of mechanistic biology.

In his investigation of the cancer process, Wilhelm Reich, M.D. found that the disease is a true biopathy, that is, a pulsatory disturbance of the plasmatic system (which consists of the autonomic nervous system and the vascular system) resulting from the presence of armor (see glossary).  The cancer biopathy involves a particular type of disturbance in the emotional life of the individual.

There must first be correct, functional, understanding of the relationship between genetic (genotypic) and emotional (phenotypic) functions in general.  But this cannot happen until the operation of the emotional plague  in obstructing genuine cancer research is fully and courageously unmasked.  The FDA stopped Dr. Reich’s cancer research in the 1940s and it is interfering with functional cancer research today.  Only when the emotional plague is first exposed will it then be possible to unravel the cancer riddle.

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