The Origin of the Conflict Between Left and Right

The conflict between the Left and the Right originates from the basic contradiction in the structure of all armored (see glossary) humans: the longing for freedom on the one hand and the fear of freedom on the other. The ideology of the true liberal is determined by and is an expression of the underlying human hope for the promise of freedom, happiness and a desire for social improvement while the ideology of the true conservative is determined by a belief that these desired states of being if not realistic are, at the very least, not practically attainable beyond what people in America actually have. Thus, the ideology of the liberal is far more popular and attractive to the majority of people and why left of center presidents such as Wilson, Kennedy and Obama have always enjoyed so much appeal.The condition of human armor is the source of people’s problems and no kind of political activism can remedy that.

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  1. Dr. Konia:
    WOW, this could not be stated more clearly. Thank you for striking at the heart of the matter.

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