A Leopard Doesn’t Change Its Spots: Tsar Vladimir

During the time of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Putin was a communist loyal KGB hack, a red fascist character. After its fall, Putin cleverly worked his way up the ranks of a corrupt Russian political system to become the President and leader of the Russian nation. In doing so he built strong political alliances and established a close, mystical ties with the Russian Orthodox Church. His stated political goal was to return Russia back to its pre-Soviet glory. Reading between the lines of this statement, Putin admires being compared to the old-time leader of Russia, the Tsar. By taking control of the election process, he was assured to remain indefinitely in his role as absolute ruler without effective opposition. These were some the factors that allowed him to turn from a red fascist puppet into a black fascist dictator. Then he could claim that since Ukraine was part of Russia, its invasion, destruction and theft of the country’s wealth, his true goals, was a legitimate action. 

Putin will get away with his criminal activity because the existence and operation of the emotional plague is publicly sanctioned in today’s world. If it had been otherwise, a loyal ex-KGB officer and a characterological thief would never have been elected as president and been given complete control of that country. The next question in store for the world is what will be the next country that Putin will attempt to steal for himself.


  1. Dear Dr Konia, thank you for keeping up your important work and being present in these difficult times. Im not sure if this reach your personally but I was in therapy with you for seven years, between 2003 – 2010. It was a great help for me. I still benefit from what you gave me during these important years. My deepest gratitude to you also for that. Warmest regards from Fia in Sweden.

    Fia Adler Sandblad fia@konstepidemin.se http://www.fiaadlersandblad.se Konstepidemins väg 6, ateljé 201 413 14 Göteborg tel: 0708-401563

    > 23 mars 2022 kl. 22:26 skrev Charles Konia, M.D. : > >

  2. Essentially you describe the transformation from red to black fascism. Isn’t this even more pronounced in both the Ukraine and even the West itself? I refer to the blatant neo-Nazistic paraphernalia in Ukrainian politics and military as well as the absolutely sick fascination of the nowadays warmongering “Green” West-European peacenics with sequestering and exterminating anything “Russian.”

  3. Thank you for once again your clear observation and statements. Yes, a leopard, always a leopard and supported by his world. The Economist reporting on the black fascist said that he was never in the upper ranks of the KGB, he was not promoted, because they deemed him (1) reckless and (2) without empathy. And that’s was from the KGB.

  4. An interesting analysis of Putins “dark personality traits”.


    The Merkel story and the photo tell it all!

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