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"Spot on. Insightful, brilliantly researched and written, a book that anyone who loves this nation needs to read."
-former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft
"A book that all Americans worried about the fate of this nation should read before it is too late."
-Dennis Miller
"A must read for all who value freedom."
-Penny Nance, Concerned Women for America

Q & A

Q and A for Vol. 43 # 1


 Why do animals play dead?


The popular explanation is that is that predators lose interest in prey that does not move  is a protective mechanism in the service of the organism’s survival. This reason invoking purposefulness to the prey’s behavior is an example of mystical or teleological thinking and illustrates the inadequacy of mechanistic-mystical thinking in the natural sciences.

Nature simply functions. There is no higher purpose. When confronted with a predator an animal has two defensive reactions at its disposal: it can either fight or take flight. When these methods fail the animal’s defenses are overwhelmed and it either freezes (armors) or it goes into a state of shock and becomes limp (anorgonia) that is, it “feigns death”.  These biological orgone energy functions are sufficient to explain in functional energetic terms the organism’s reaction to an overwhelming threat.    


Q and A for Vol. 44 # 2

Q. Is bailing out our banks and lending institutions a step toward socialism?

A. Yes. Any state controlled social function that is not a rational function of government is a step in the direction of socialism.

Q. What is the difference between an economic contraction and the breaking down ofAmerica’s financial system?

A. All living systems including the economy naturally pulsates between expansion and contraction. The breakdown ofAmerica’s financial system is part of the general breakdown of all social systems resulting from the anti-authoritarian transformation of our society and the sick economic behavior of armored individuals.

Q. Could the international financing ofAmerica’s debt be a threat to our independence?

A. Yes. Any person or organization that is in debt is in varying degrees under the power of the creditor.


  1. Dr. Do you beleive that spiritual dilima is an direct reflection on the biological and sociological aspect of human function and behaviour. And does this spiritual system have any thing to do with the control of biological physcological functionalality. How does one turn it off????

    • Dear Mr. Horner,
      The spiritual dilemma that you describe is a manifestation of the contactlessness that occurs in all armored humans. Yes, armor is rooted in the bio-energetic rigidities of the organism.
      Dr. Charles Konia

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