reviews of neither left nor right
"Spot on. Insightful, brilliantly researched and written, a book that anyone who loves this nation needs to read."
-former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft
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-Dennis Miller
"A must read for all who value freedom."
-Penny Nance, Concerned Women for America

The “Occupy” Movement Is Self-sustaining

The protests which began in the summer of 2011 as the Occupy Wall Street movement that spread across our nation like an infection will be around for a long time and they will probably increase in violence.  This is because of two reasons: First, they are an undisguised manifestation of the organized emotional plague and second, the existence of the plague and its operation are far from being recognized and understood by the the general public.

Ostensibly exercising their First Amendment right, the protesters have stumbled on a tactic that gives them the upper hand with the authorities and that will do as much damage to the American nation and its economic system as possible. With nothing positive to offer and with the tacit support of the American president, this movement is nothing more than an undisguised, mindless expression of  pure hatred directed at America that originates from the destructive secondary layer of the protesters.

The reason that these protest movements are self-sustaining and will probably intensify is that the responsible public authority’s equivocating response makes them an active partner in support of the protester’s movement.  Should the authorities stand firm and risk an escalation of violence or should they be accommodating and negotiate with the protesters ?  The public authority’s helpless quibbling functions to excite the protester’s zeal and encourages them to become ever more brazen and violent.  Widespread coverage of police-protester clashes on the evening news, a First Amendment right of the media, generates public interest and more confusion adding support to the protesters “cause.”

The problem of the protest movement lies outside of this narrow social framework.  Until it is generally recognized that acting out personal problems and trying to work out people’s helplessness and inadequacies through politics are not the answer, nothing will change for the better.

The Emotional Plague Uses The Truth As A Trojan Horse

There is always a grain of truth to the emotional plague individual’s point of view and in order to understand and fight the plague it is important to see what it is.  This truth serves to demonstrate to everyone that the plague individual’s intentions are pure and above reproach and that what they are saying and agitating for is for the good of all.  A recent example of this tactic of the plague is President Obama’s telling the American people that ObamaCare will be good for everyone.  The use of the truth in the service of the plague is the reason that Thomas Sowell refers to leftist ideologues as “the anointed ones”.  The germ of truth expressed from their facade functions like a Trojan Horse to push through their destructive socio-political agenda from their middle layer.

The basic premise of leftist radicals is that America is by its very nature a corrupt nation because the “Haves” have taken from the “Have Nots” and therefore, in order to do away with this injustice a class warfare must take place between them.  This war must become actualized with violent acts when necessary in order to remove the inequality even if America is  destroyed in the process.

It is true that there is corruption in America and that some people have more wealth than others and that there is economic inequality.  These facts although true are twisted and used to justify bringing about America’s destruction by reducing everyone to the same level.  However, what is accurate in all of this is not what the leftists accuse America of, but that they are accusing America of their own evil impulses contained in their destructive middle layer.  These impulses are projected onto well-to-do people in America to bring about its destruction.

Why do they want to destroy America? Because the impulses of hatred and of revenge that originate from within them which were first directed against their own fathers are now by extension directed against all authority figures and authoritative institutions and, also against “the rich” so that no one is “better off”  than they are.

Communism Has Lost It’s Evil Connotation

During  the Cold War period, communism was up there along with fascism as one of the great evils in the world.  With the fall of the Soviet Union and  its threat to the Free World gone, communism as an evil social force seems to have lost its meaning to an increasing number of people even though it is still actively at work eroding the freedom in America.  This social paradox can only be understood functionally.  It is the result of people’s increasingly living on the social surface and losing touch  with their core biological needs.  As a result, they are unable to take full advantage of the freedom that life in America still provides.  They do not fully appreciate the blessings of freedom because they literally cannot tolerate the enormous amount of freedom that they actually have.  Signs of this intolerance of freedom are seen everywhere from the mindless carrying on of the Occupy Wall Street protesters, to the increased dependency of all segments of society on the Federal Government for assistance, to the rise in criminality in the business world requiring government control of the economy, to the widespread rise by the public in seeking substitute satisfactions in life such as drugs, passive entertainment and so on.

Because of these signs of social degradation, the evils of communism do not seem as serious to a people for whom freedom is not the precious treasure it becomes as soon as it is taken away.

There Has To Be Something More To Life

Orgonomy attracts two kinds of people, those who are attracted to it and stick with it and those who are first attracted to it and then are repelled by it. Those who come to orgonomy and stick with it share one important trait. They have a deep sense that there must be something more to life than what is generally available. They see this something in the science of orgonomy, a science that allows one to have knowledge of the life energy, a science that provides a unified and satisfactory understanding of both the inner and the outer worlds. By contrast, those who come to orgonomy and leave also have one thing in common. They feel that there is something else that the science of orgonomy has not provided them with. For them, orgonomy is just one of many disciplines that are available to the public. They stay in touch with orgonomy for varying periods but sooner or later they are off to engage in other pursuits often taking little parts of orgonomy with them.
The difference between the two groups is that the first has retained a largely undistorted sense of the importance of their work and sexual functions in their daily lives. They are able to achieve pleasure in work and in their personal lives that their experience with orgonomy has given to them and they have a sense of gratitude to the orgonomists who have given them this appreciation. The second group has a distorted often mystical sense of their core functions of life and therefore they are unable to practically utilize what orgonomy has given them. Having no genuine appreciation for what they have been given, they often lose themselves in mystical teachings and practices of one sort or another.

Functional Thinking Is Neither Left Nor Right

People’s individual and socio-political character armor are the primary forces determining destructive human interactions. Unfortunately,the effect of human armor on irrational thinking and behavior is not generally recognized. The harmful effects of armor lead to two ways of thinking: mechanistic or mystical. These correspond in a general way to the political ideologies of the Left and the Right. Political leaders and others who think ideologically to the left of center of the political spectrum think mechanistically; they view human beings and society as if they were a kind of machine that can be controlled and manipulated through outworn socialist schemes from the top. They have no trouble recognizing the limitations of the political Right. Political leaders and others who think ideologically to the right view humans mystically, assuming that there is some higher, mysterious purpose governing human life. They have no difficulty recognizing and opposing the destructive socialist policies promoted by the Left. When these opposing ideologies rigidify as they have today,American society becomes riven and is in danger of being destroyed.

It is not enough to see the shortcomings of the Left or the Right. Functional thinking allows one to recognize the limitations of both political ideologies and to see that they are components of a unified and mutually exclusive system of thought characteristic of all armored humans called “mechanistic-mysticism”. These thought systems always function to oppose one another and this is why there can never be any reconcilement between them.
According to functional thinking and contrary to popular belief,the political center is not absolute and static. Depending on social conditions it can shift to the left or right. In today’s anti-authoritarian society the political center has shifted far to the left. Therefore, from a functional perspective, many of those who are on the political right actually belong on the true center in their political thinking and attitudes. This is why they are often capable of making rational sense when it comes to politics.
Functional thinking permits one to step out of the prevailing, narrow mechanistic-mystical worldview. It provides the possibility to have a clear perspective and understanding of the world we live in and of the way certain severely armored individuals are able to bring about the social chaos and destruction,the operation of the emotional plague,that we are currently witnessing.

The Breakdown Of The Biological Work Function Leads To Social Disintegration

Work is a vital biological function. People’s ability to work is essential for the well being of the individual as well as of society. The capacity to enjoy working helps people to live harmoniously with others. In varying degrees, people’s armor interferes with their ability to work productively and to live in an orderly way. Energy not discharged in work is often displaced onto the social realm as political unrest. Because of severe armor, some people are unable to work at all. Instead, they engage in social activities that allow them to take control of others by telling them what they should have a right to and be given. Social armor in the form of government bureaucracy and unions adds to the crippling effect of individual armor on people’s work function. People in charge of these institutions not only are able to limit individual freedom but they also encourage irresponsibility, helplessness and dependency on others.

Do-good politicians are ready and waiting to assume the role of caretaker. With taxpayers money taken from the productive segment they give generous handouts and other benefits to the unproductive segment, those who are arbitrarily identified by them and the media as “the needy”. A pathological attachment develops between the unproductive segment and the politicians. This leads to a sense of entitlement and resentment on the part of the takers who begin to feel that they actually have a right to what is being given them without charge.
When an economic downturn happens and the politicians are unable to provide what has been promised to the unproductive masses, a highly volatile social situation develops. Many of those who participated in the Occupy Wall Street movement belong to this group. Meanwhile, the politicians and government bureaucrats who were responsible for bringing about this economic debacle escape without penalty with no one quite able to understand what has happened.

The End Of Individual Authority

One of the most important destructive consequences of the anti-authoritarian transformation of society is that genuine authorities no longer exist in any field of endeavor.  Individual authority was replaced by collective authority or  “authority by committee”.  Having no authorities for young people to put their trust in for guidance, they are left feeling anxious, disillusioned,  bewildered and angry.  To make matters worse, through the social process of “politically correct” indoctrination, as well as being almost totally dependent on computer generated activities such as texting, Twitter, Facebook etc., young people are being brought up to live entirely on the social surface thereby losing whatever emotional contact they could have had with their work and sexual lives.  Moreover, by seeking political solutions for their personal problems, they are being deprived of the ability to make rational decisions to survive in life and of the possibility to live responsibly with the enormous amount of freedom that still exists in America.  Many of these youngsters are being transformed into mindless robots that leftist ideologues can manipulate at will.  With the help of these young people, the “Occupy” movement that is spreading its destructiveness across our nation is the latest organized manifestation of the emotional plague from the political left.

The Components Required For A Large-scale Eruption Of The Emotional Plague

It is helpful to understand exactly how emotional plague eruptions (such as the “Occupy Wall Street” movement that is spreading across our nation) get started and develop.  There are three components:

1. A certain quantity of unemployed and unemployable people plus some well-intentioned idealistic liberals to provide a legitimate rationale to the eruption are needed to supply the “critical energy” for the movement.

2. Hard core leftist ideologues are required to orchestrate the event by providing the necessary excitation to mobilize and direct people’s energy so that it appears to be a spontaneous uprising.

3. As in all similar plague attacks, a suitable target-victim is needed for plague individuals to focus and channel their irrational hatred originating from their destructive middle layer.  In this case, the victims include the wealthy Wall Street capitalists and others who are arbitrarily identified as the ” rich”.  Choosing Wall Street as the target is an attempt on the part of the organizers to start an ideological  class warfare between the “haves” and  the “have nots”.

The true function of the “protests” is to express their personal revenge on those who are better off than they are and also to disrupt and ultimately cripple the economic activity of the nation. By not openly condemning them, President Obama is tacitly showing his approval.  He will benefit  from the resulting political agitation for the 2012 presidential election campaign because he will maintain a proper distance from those who are taking part in it and not not to be identified with them.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is not an isolated occurrence.  The perpetrators are already planning future demonstrations.  From an historical perspective, it can be viewed as the first wave in a systematic process to cripple and destroy the American economy on many fronts.

The Relationship Between The True Liberal And The Pseudo-liberal Characters

In today’s anti-authoritarian era, it is especially useful to understand the dynamics of the social relationship between the true liberal and the pseudo-liberal/communist character.  It is generally believed that liberals and pseudo-liberals are one and the same. Those on the left also believe that  they honestly share the same political goal of bringing about a better world.  These dangerous errors originate from superficial similarities in the structures of these two very different socio-political political character types.  In fact, the pseudo-liberal takes advantage of this popular misconception and uses the idealistic beliefs of the true liberal to further his own socialist socio-political agenda.  Lenin understood the political function of the liberal character for facilitating a communist takeover in Europe very well.  He referred to liberals as “useful idiots”.

This relationship between the true liberal and the pseudo-liberal/communist is illustrated in the recent Occupy Wall Street movement.  The true liberal rightly protests the criminal practices of people in the financial and business world that have recently surfaced.   By identifying himself as a true liberal, the emotional plague in the person of the pseudo-liberal  character injects his venom with the same worn out anti-Wall Street, anti-capitalist nostrums that he has been peddling for ages.  The result is that the true liberal’s rational concerns about corruption in the business world are lost.  The emotional plague paralyzes rational thinking.  By not recognizing that Occupy Wall Street is an outbreak of the emotional plague, the public cannot effectively contain its social destructiveness.

Protest Movements, Then And Now

From a historical perspective, there is an important difference between the protest movement of the  1960s and the current Occupy Wall Street protest movement.  This can be understood as a result of the transformation of society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian that occurred around that time.  Both protest movements originate from a serious disturbance in the two basic functions of human life, sexuality and work.

The protesters of the 60s were a a product of the authoritarian social order.  Initially, they were a highly idealistic group of young people who wanted sexual freedom  (a core function) and to be rid of the shackles of conventional morality.  Tragically, the movement ended in disaster individually, because most of these youngsters were too disturbed emotionally to achieve sexual happiness and socially, because the movement was taken over and used for political purposes by leftist ideologues.  These  were the reasons for the failure of the so-called sexual revolution.

By contrast, today’s protesters are a product of the post-1960s, anti-authoritarian social order.  Unable to take advantage of the enormous amount of freedom and opportunity that is readily available to them in America, they want the exact opposite.  Many of them evidence a severe disturbance in their work function because the thought of working to have what they want never seems to occur to them.  Instead, they want the security of being taken care of by the government.  In sharp contrast to the earlier protesters, security is more important to them than freedom.  This is the reason that a large majority of these protesters are leftist ideologues.

The Wall Street protesters are an emotionally far sicker bunch than the protesters of the past.  Having no contact with their core, the energy behind their protesting comes entirely from their middle layer as bratty destructiveness.  The last thing that these protesters need is to have their childish behavior encouraged.  This is exactly what the Obama administration seems to be doing.  If economic conditions continue to worsen, as they most likely will if Obama is reelected in 2012, this group has the potential of doing even greater social harm by escalating their interference with public life.

The Economic Blueprint Of The Obama Administration

In order to have a true understanding of social events one has to look at the effects or consequences of these events; that is, one has to think functionally.  Recognizing President Obama’s economic strategy is clear to anyone who looks carefully at the consequences of his policies.  Consisting of four parts, the first three originate from his secondary destructive layer.  The fourth from his superficial layer or facade.

Part One:  Weaken and control the private sector by placing unnecessary obstacles (“regulations”) in the way of the free market.  Encourage government dependency by increasing the numbers of workers in the public sector and  unionizing government employees.  Shifting power to the public sector has the effect of increasing the political power of his presidency.

Part Two:  Encourage political activism.  Create social agitation and chaos by instituting unrealistic, unworkable  social  programs that will inevitably result in increased unemployment and social unrest.  Through political activism, mobilize society by turning people against each other and against capitalism.  This is reminiscent of the class struggle tactic used by old-time communists.  The anti-capitalist Occupy Wall Street movement was abetted by a recent speech given by Obama himself against Wall Street financial institutions.  Breaking the entire underpinning of America’s economic strength by destroying its financial system is rationalized as justifiable because of a handful of corrupt businessmen. Would it not make more sense to punish the wrongdoers instead of destroying the entire financial system of the country?  Social agitation used in the service of government takeover was another tactic well-known to old-time communists.

Part Three: “Rescue” the country from the economic mess by instituting more socialistic programs.

Part Four:  Use the democratic process itself as a weapon.  The administration pretends that they are all loyal Americans  and that they are doing all this because it is for the best interest of the country.

One of the greatest tragedies in recent history is that two decades after winning the Cold War against a deadly socialist empire, America should fall victim to the same dreadful disease from within.

Understanding The Works Of Wilhelm Reich Requires An Understanding Of The Emotional Plague

Orgonomy is the science of life energy and the emotional plague’s sole function is to destroy all manifestations of  natural life.  This is why only those who have an understanding of the operation of the emotional plague in today’s world can truly appreciate the importance of Wilhelm Reich’s scientific contributions and work in the orgonomic sciences.  This rule applies not only to people in  the general population who have a smattering of knowledge about Reich’s work but also to those who ostensibly are confirmed advocates of his work.

At one of  Dr. Baker’s technical seminars for medical orgonomists in the mid-60s, a seminar member spoke of a contact that he had at a local radio station and that it was an opportunity for us to speak about Reich’s work on the air.  The subjects that should be included in the talk were brought up .  Many topics were raised as possibilities and there was a lot of excitement in the room.  At some point, I suggested the emotional plague as a subject for discussion.   Suddenly, all the excitement was gone. There was dead silence.  It was as if I had said something terrible and the entire matter was dropped.  Since then, many physicians practicing medical orgonomy have come and gone.  Except for myself, every living person who was present at that seminar no longer functions as a medical orgonomist.

It was around that time that Dr. Baker began talking to me about the need for a book to be written about the history of the emotional plague.

The Republicans Cannot Come Up With A Strong Presidential Candidate In 2012

The problem of having an effective opposition to President Obama in 2012 requires an understanding of the dynamics of the ideological forces that are currently in operation.  The forces on the left are pro-active.  Always looking for socialistic solutions to social problems, the Left constantly agitates for social change in the name of “progress.” Behind their hunger for change there is often a disguised feeling of envy and hatred of those who are better off than they are.  By contrast, the forces on the Right are reactive.  Not having any “new solutions” to offer, they mainly function defensively to oppose the destructive social policies of the Left.

In the past authoritarian era, there were equal numbers of people on the Left and Right and the ideological forces were balanced.  In today’s anti-authoritarian era there is a marked political shift of the political mainstream to the left of center.  This shift includes the population at large as well as both political parties.  As a result, political solutions to social problems are becoming the popular rule despite the fact that there are none. For a candidate on the political Right not to offer political solutions to social problems puts him or her at a disadvantage. All that a responsible candidate can do is to advocate a return to the tried and true ways of the past.

The Worldwide Disillusionment With Politicians and Politics

People throughout the world are becoming fed up with politicians on both sides of the political spectrum.  The Left accuses the  Right of being for rich, greedy capitalists and the Right accuses the Left of promoting  socialist causes.  Both blame each other for being corrupt.  Out of frustration, many become disillusioned altogether and blame the democratic process itself as being unworkable.  In America, the Tea Party movement originated in response to this disillusionment with politics.  An article in the New York Times (September 28, 2011), As scorn for vote grows, Protests Surge Around Globe, describes a similar disillusionment with politics throughout the world.

Blaming this or that group is an effective way of avoiding looking at the source of what is really happening.   By coming up with one disastrous social policy after another, the Left refuses to understand that politics can never provide solutions to humanities social problems.  The Right has a sense that government intervention cannot improve social conditions but neither group understands that the source of societies difficulties resides in people themselves, in the destructive social behavior of all armored humans, politicians and non-politicians alike.  Wilhelm Reich identified this behavior and called it the emotional plague of mankind (see glossary).  The accusations of the Left and Right that are directed against each other are, in fact, symptomatic of the destructive social manifestation of emotionally crippled humans such as the desire for power over others, social dependency on others and so on.  The primary function of the accusations is defensive.  It is to conceal the plague’s existence.  This tragic situation is the reason that social conditions will continue to worsen despite humanity’s best efforts and wishes.

There Is Now A True, Functional Science Of Sociology

When Auguste Comte  first delineated sociology as a natural field of study in 1838, there was no understanding of the biological forces at play in the social interactions between and among people.  First there had to be knowledge of  the biological forces acting within people before the dynamics of social interactions could be understood.  Freud’s discovery of the unconscious was a necessary first step in this endeavor.  Wilhelm Reich’s elucidation of the three layers of the bio-psychic structure of armored humans, the superficial layer, the destructive middle layer (the Freudian unconscious) and the core  (the repository of primary biological impulses) in The Mass Psychology of Fascism represented the true beginning of a scientific sociology.

Reich saw in the ethical ideals of liberalism the social representation of the superficial layer of the individual’s character.  The ethics of the liberal serves to keep down the destructive impulses contained in the middle layer. The liberal can recognize the destructiveness of fascist characters on the political Right (Black Fascists).  However, because of similarities in his character structure, the liberal is unable to recognize the social destructiveness of fascist characters on the Left (Red Fascists/pseudo-liberals).  In fact, he aids and abets them.

From his clinical experience, Reich found that the ideology of the Black Fascist is the expression of the destructive middle layer.  By contrast, the ideology of the Red Fascist is the pretense at defense against expression of the destructive middle layer. This ability to dissemble also makes it more difficult for people to recognize the Red fascist than the black Fascist.  Moreover, fascist ideologies did not only exist in those who belonged to fascist political parties.  They could appear in any person living in an authoritarian society.  Reich discovered the emotional plague of armored humans in the expression of the secondary destructive layer of ordinary individuals toward each other.  Communists (today’s pseudo-liberals) and Fascists were simply examples of emotional plague characters operating from the extremes of the political Left and the Right.

Elsworth Baker’s discovery of socio-political characterology (Man in the Trap) finally placed sociology on a functional, biologically based, scientific foundation.  In addition to the emotional plague character, Baker identified two other socio-political character types.  Belonging on the left and right of the socio-political spectrum, they are, respectively, the liberal and the conservative characters.  Living in the social surface,  the liberal is in favor of social “improvement” but  has no idea of the  depth and enormity of people’s emotional sickness that prevent them from improving.  In effect, bad social situations are made worse.  The conservative, having no solutions to offer for social improvement, can only politically oppose the liberal’s harebrained policies.  Baker demonstrated clinically that the  differences in the ideologies of people on the left and right originated from differences in the pattern of their armor.  Since ideologies are bio-social forces in the form of fixed belief systems, the ideologies of the left and right function as socio-political forces that are in constant opposition.

Understanding socio-political characterology permitted one to make sense of current social events with unfailing accuracy.  For example, it allowed one to recognize that beginning around 1960, a social transformation of catastrophic proportions took place from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian, a transformation that is now threatening to destroy Western society as we have known it.  Prior to that time, the social order was authoritarian.  There were approximately equal numbers of liberals and conservatives in the general population.  This balance in social forces permitted a degree of social and political stability.  The anti-authoritarian transformation resulted in a shift to the extreme left of  political center with the prevalence  of leftist ideologues who were placed in high social levels through democratic processes.  This resulted in the destabilization of society and the headlong descent of America into a socialist state.  In today’s anti-authoritarian Western society, socialist thinking  is increasingly becoming accepted by the public as the politically correct norm.

The Problem With Today’s Psychiatric Therapies

At the root of the problem with all psychiatric therapies is the lack of a functional understanding of a whole series of interrelated, unanswered fundamental questions starting with what constitutes emotional health and sickness?   From this question, the following questions logically arise: What are emotions?  What is an emotional disturbance?  How can emotional disturbances be classified scientifically to provide a rational system of diagnosis and treatment?   Without satisfactorily answering all of these questions it is not possible to arrive at a rational, causal method of psychiatric therapy.

Unfortunately, these questions cannot be adequately answered because people’s armored condition prevents them from thinking functionally.  Instead, today’s approach to psychiatric therapies falls into two general categories, mechanistic or symptom-based treatment and mystical or “holistic” treatment.   Symptom-based approaches to diagnosis, and treatments such as drug therapy and behavior therapy are superficial and of limited value.  From an etiological point of view, any symptom can appear in any diagnostic category.  The holistic approach does away with the problem of symptoms by focusing on the patient’s “wellness” and the “whole patient” but it evades the problem of diagnosis altogether.

From a functional view, the clinical significance of any symptom is the function that it serves in relation to the individual’s particular character diagnosis.  Therefore, understanding the patient’s character structure comes before the significance of the symptom can be understood.  This is why it is not possible to correctly treat a psychiatric disorder from a curative point of view without first having established an accurate diagnosis.

Rather than deriving their clinical thinking from their clinical observations, armored therapists force their observations to fit into their preconceived mechanistic-mystical ways of thinking, thereby doing a grave disservice to their patients as well as bringing about the destruction of a once highly respected profession.

The Spread Of The Emotional Plague In Today’s World

The emotional plague was discovered by Wilhelm Reich around 1940 when the authoritarian social order was intact.  At that time, there were still pockets of social life that were not infested by it.  In today’s anti-authoritarian social order, there is not one area of society that the plague has not penetrated.  As a result, every one of the core functions of life to a large extent has been obliterated.  In its place, virtually every kind of behavior from the secondary destructive layer- the emotional plague- is  permitted expression, often with the protection of the law.  Consider, for example, the flagrant abuse of First Amendment rights.

What is the source of the exacerbation of the emotional plague in today’s anti-authoritarian social order?  The answer lies in an understanding of socio-political characterology.  True liberal characters live almost exclusively from the surface layer or facade of their bio-psychic structure.  Through their intellect, they use their facade to defend themselves from their destructive middle layer.  They are, therefore, socially benign people.  In contrast, pseudo-liberal characters pretend to believe in the ideals of liberalism by, for example, belonging to the Democratic Party in America.  This conscious tactic serves to identify them as legitimate liberals in the public’s eyes and allows them to express impulses from their destructive middle layer, the emotional plague, in their social policies.

Pseudo-liberal characters are the primary carriers of the emotional plague in today’s anti-authoritarian society.  No different from old time communists, they are highly intelligent and well adapted to the ways of the modern world in carrying out their destructive social agenda.  They are  the ones most responsible for the widespread social decline that is currently taking place exactly because they have successfully infiltrated the politicat mainstream of  Western Societies and have become part of their institutions and governments.   Like any infectious disease, people must first recognize its existence and destructiveness before remedial action can be taken to oppose them.

What Is Most Difficult To See

The hardest thing for people to see is what is happening right in front of their eyes.  Because people’s way of seeing and thinking is distorted by armor, they often cannot see social processes for what they really are.  As an example of people’s psychic blindness, consider  their inability to recognize the  transformation of the order of Western society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian that began around 1960 and is now threatening to obliterate Western society as we have known it.  People cannot see the totality of this historic cataclysm and the resultant destructive social and economic effect that it continues to have on everyone’s life.   At most, people are able to recognize  what is happening in bits and pieces focusing on this or that particular manifestation of a social decline.  The majority are completely oblivious of the fact that anything unusual is going on. Moreover, those who  recognize that something destructive is happening think about the transformation strictly from within the context of the social facade.  They do not understand that from a functional perspective a social upheaval is erupting on the social surface but that it’s origins are from the depths of the bio-psychic structure of armored humans, from their destructive middle layer and from their biological core.

Unable to recognize why and how a fundamental transformation in social life is taking place leaves everyone completely helpless to do anything genuinely constructive.  It can be predicted with absolute certainty that unless the dynamic bio-social forces underlying the transformation are understood and addressed, social, economic and political  conditions will continue to deteriorate.  The first step to address it would be to recognize that a social transformation of fundamental proportions is, in fact, taking place.

The Most Effective Anti-communists Are Ex-communists

Communism/pseudo-liberalism is a highly infectious, socially communicable disease manifested as a ruthless ideology.  Identifying itself with different labels such as progressive , new leftist, socialist, it is extremely adaptable to changing social conditions and it functions to wreck havoc on social life.  Because of its highly seductive facade of idealism, young people are especially prone to be infected by it.  Once the infection takes hold of the individual, it largely determines his or her course of life and thinking.

In rare cases, the individual recovers from the disease.  When this happens, exposure to communism confers a kind of immunity and resistance to it.  This first-hand personal experience with communism provides  a clearer sense of its destructiveness and how the disease operates than is understood by those who have not been infected by it.  One has a feeling from the writing of recovered communists that their anti-communism comes from their gut and not only from their intellect as it often does in anti-communists who were not previously infected.  The recovered ones seem to have a deeper sense of the true source of the disease. Some current examples of these survivors are David Horowitz and Norman Podhoretz although there are many others.

For example, comparing Obama to communists of the past, Podhoretz writes, “… whereas the communists had in their delusional vision of the Soviet Union a model of the kind of society that would replace the one they were bent on destroying, the new leftists only knew what they were against: America, or Amerika as they spelled it to suggest its kinship to Nazi Germany.  Thanks, however, to the unmaking of the Soviet Union as a totalitarian nightmare, they did not know what they were for.  Yet once they had pulled off the incredible feat of taking over the Democratic Party … they dropped the vain hope of a revolution, and in the social democratic system most fully developed in Sweden found an alternative to American capitalism that had a realistic possibility of being achieved through gradual political reform… It was only with the advent of Barack Obama that the leftists at long last succeeded in nominating one of their own.” (The Wall Street Journal August 13-14, 2011).

What is the difference in the approach of Obama’s anti-communist critics between those who are recovered anti-communists and those  who did not go through the process of “immunization”?  Most conservatives who are not recovered anti-communists appear to be stuck in the social facade of rationalism.  Their opposition to Obama’s policies are exclusively based on their reasoning powers.  However,  although Obama’s political agenda is expressed from the superficial layer, it originates almost entirely from the destructive middle layer of his pseudo-liberal character structure.  This is why reason cannot touch it. Ex-communist critics of Obama, on the other hand, because of their past exposure to the disease, have a better sense of the destructive source of his political policies and this perspective is more effective in recognizing and exposing who Mr. Obama really is to the public.

The Riots Inside Britain Seen From A Functional Perspective

People are not able to see the forest for the trees.  From a functional perspective, the rioting, vandalism and psychopathic behavior of young people that is currently happening throughout Britain is simply another symptom of the transformation and degeneration of British society from the authoritarian to anti-authoritarian around 1960.  A primary consequence of the anti-authoritarian social order was the destruction of the authoritarian family.  This resulted in another destructive event, the loss of continuity with the past ways of social life that are traditionally passed down from generation to generation, the most important of which are tasks having to do with work and learning skills. This erosion is the reason for the general decline in scholastic achievement at all levels of education and in people’s biological work function.  Added to their preexisting sexual frustration, the destruction of these two vital functions in these youngsters resulted in the build-up of enormous quantities of emotional pressure that led to the destructive rioting that is currently taking place across England.

Neither the politics of the Left with its permissive attitudes and entitlement programs nor the politics of the Right with its old-fashioned moralistic attitudes and repressive police tactics are solutions.  In reality, they are futile mechanistic and mystical  attempts at addressing the symptom of riots.    Unfortunately, most people think in terms of the mechanistically oriented politics of the Left and the mystically oriented politics of the Right.  One must be able to think from a functional perspective about social events in order to get at the root of what is happening.

President Obama’s Day Of Reckoning

In his article, “What Happened to Obama? Absolutely Nothing” (The Wall Street Journal, August 13-14, 2011), Norman Podhoretz describes President Obama as ” a genuine product of the political culture that had its birth among a marginal group of leftists in the early 1960s and that by the end of the decade had spread metastatically to the universities , the mainstream media, the mainline churches and the entertainment industry.  Like their communist ancestors of the 1930s, the leftist radicals of the ’60s were convinced that the United States was so rotten that only a revolution could save it”.   At the tail end of his run for the presidency, Mr. Obama, in a rare moment of candor promised: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”  Referring again to President Obama, Mr. Podhoretz concludes: ” He is still the same anti-American leftist he was before becoming our president, and it is this rather than inexperience or incompetence or weakness or stupidity that accounts for the richly deserved failure both at home and abroad of the policies stemming from that reprehensible cast of mind.”

Mr. Podhoretz has an intuitive understanding that communism is a social cancer that can metastasize and destroy all social organizations.  If he had knowledge of sociopolitical characterology he would easily recognize Mr. Obama as a pseudo-liberal/communist character.  There can no longer be any doubt about the socio-political agenda of the pseudo-liberal/communist character.  His stated personal agenda is to appear and act like a loyal American.  His unstated political agenda is to bring America to its knees through a process of socialization and, at the same time, to subordinate it under the authority of the United Nations.  This goal is similar to the bygone Soviet Union’s stated goal of international socialism.

Mr. Obama’s day of reckoning is Election Day, 2012 at which time he will have to convince the leftist ideologues that supported him for the presidency in 2008 that he is still committed to transforming America into a socialist state and, at the same time, he must once again successfully deceive millions of well-intentioned but misguided American voters that he is a loyal American.

Europe’s Trouble With Islam

Europe’s trouble with Islam is another symptom of social pathology that is impossible to understand without knowledge of sociopolitical characterology (see blog, Can Muslim Societies Be Compatible With Democracy? November 27, 2010).

Muslim society is rigidly authoritarian.  Based on severe sexual repression of children and adolescents, the subjugation of women, a strong mystical tendency and commitment to the Muslim system of law (shariah) over Western law, most Muslim immigrants in Europe belong in varying degrees to the right of the sociopolitical spectrum.  Proceeding from the political center to the extreme right, this group includes conservatives, extreme conservatives, reactionaries and fascists.  Therefore, the political mainstream in Muslim societies is somewhere to the right of center.

By contrast, Western societies today are anti-authoritarian.  Based on the abolition of male authority and the authoritarian family, the widespread disregard for all forms of social tradition and law including the prevalence of sexual license and the use of street drugs, the political mainstream in Western society is shifted far to the left of center. Proceeding from the political center to the extreme left, leftists includes liberals, socialists and pseudo-liberal/communists.  To complicate matters, this leftward shift has necessarily resulted in the polarization of European society with many non-Muslim Europeans gravitating to the political extremes of left and right.  These are the major underlying bio-social forces that are operating in the cultural clash between the Muslim and non-Muslim  Europeans.

Those belonging on the political right have a selective attitude toward social life.  To the degree that Muslims are on the political right, they have difficulty adjusting and are intolerant of a society dominated by leftist norms.  This is why they  segregate themselves and live separately from the rest of the European community in accordance with their Muslim mores.

On the other hand, non- Muslim Europeans belonging on the political right, have difficulty with, and are intolerant of the Muslims’ way of life in Europe.  They expect Muslims to adjust to Western ways overnight.

Europeans belonging on the political left, on the other hand, have a collectivist attitude toward social living.  These leftists go to a great extent to accommodate themselves and tolerate the Muslims’ way of life in Europe, some even supporting shariah law for European Muslims.  Thus, the presence of large numbers of Muslims in Europe exacerbates the divisiveness of an already riven society.  The recent massacre in Oslo is the latest manifestation of this polarization in European society.

It is impossible to make sense of what is going on between European Muslims and non-Muslim Europeans without first understanding  the socio-political character structure of those involved in what is happening.

The Emotional Plague, The Origin Of Social Pathology, Is Not Recognized

Today’s state of knowledge of social pathology is not unlike that which existed about medical pathology in the seventeenth century when there was little or no scientific knowledge of the origin of infectious and other diseases. Imagine practicing medicine or surgery without knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology and all the other branches of medicine necessary to diagnose and treat medical conditions.  Yet, this is exactly what the sociologists, economists  and politicians of today are trying to do when they attempt to remedy social problems without a proper scientific orientation which requires among other things taking into account a careful history of the biological origin of  social pathology.  Expecting today’s politician to take care of social problems is like giving a barber surgical tools and asking him to perform heart surgery.

Particularly destructive is the lack of understanding of the function played by a politician’s individual and sociopolitical character in determining social and political policy.  A politician’s character structure and not the political party to which he belongs is the primary determining factor in his or her political thinking and behavior.  The public’s ignorance of this important fact is the reason that high ranking politicians with a communist character structure posing as true Democrats and members of the Democratic Party are able to do enormous economic harm by, for example, shoving tax and socialist programs down the public’s throat.   Happening today in front of everyone’s eyes, no one really sees these impersonators for who they are and what they are doing .  This is because the function of the communist’s sociopolitical character structure is not understood:  A communist is an emotional plague character on the extreme left, someone who will do whatever it takes to bring down America and in so doing destroy all forms of healthy social life worldwide.

More generally, the emotional plague has infested every part of social and political life.  Yet, the emotional pathology of the armored masses of people that contributes to each and every one of our social problem is consistently evaded.  Some serious examples are the increase in dependency and sense of entitlement of the armored helpless masses on the productive segment of society; the self-serving ever-present leftist politicians ready to take political advantage of the situation; the politicians from both sides of the sociopolitical spectrum who attempt to solve economic problems by interfering with and controlling market forces and so on. These as well as other social problems will continue to escalate until the emotional plague is recognized, sequestered and treated like every other infectious epidemic disease that infests human life.

The Oslo Mass Murderer: A Case Study Of A Fascist Character

On July 22, 2011, a 32-year-old Norwegian male, set off a bomb in a compound of government office buildings in Oslo,  and later in the day gunned down dozens of  young people at a Labor Party youth camp leaving a total of 76 people killed.

According to news reports, he was motivated by an antipathy to multicultural policies that, in his view, are leading his country down the path to Islamization.  In his 1500-page manifesto “2083: A European Declaration of Independence,” he speaks of his pride in his “Viking heritage” and insists that he will not “accept an Islamic presence in Europe”.  He describes himself as “Justiclar Knight Commander for the Knight Templar of Europe,” a group he claims has some 80 members.  His grandiose, mystical  worldview seems somehow to be defined by medieval history.

He seems to have designed a military dress uniform and wants to wear it to his trial and also said that it was necessary to have the media present to generate more public interest.  Apparently, the purpose of the massacre was not simply to kill off the Labor Party leaders but more so to create a spectacle thereby energizing his crusade.  He calls this the propaganda phase of his campaign in which he imagines he will be given “a stage to the world”.  Through mobilizing rebellious youths, he can win over “tens of millions of European sympathizers…who support us fully and are willing to fight beside us.”  Two weeks prior the rampage, a neighbor almost called the police when he noticed that the windows of the assailant’s house had been blackened.  On the morning before the massacre he wrote that “today you will become immortal.” At his arrest, he called his actions “atrocious but necessary”.

In terms of arriving at a diagnosis of this individual, it is important to make the distinction between a person’s individual and his socio-political character structure.  From the standpoint of the individual, this person is a paranoid schizophrenic character.  He has delusions of persecution and grandiosity.  From the socio-political perspective, he is a fascist character.

Socio-political characterology is the study of how individuals insist on inflicting the effects of their emotional illness on others in their environment.  Primarily expressed in social and political life by restricting and regimenting it, the symptoms of the individual’s socio-political behavior are not felt as ego-alien and so they are defended strongly and emotionally.  Since it is expressed in the socio-political arena, the behavior can be categorized according to that which falls to the Left or the Right of the political spectrum.  Those who belong on the extreme right of the socio-political spectrum are called fascist characters. Fascists are active in fighting the Left since they see them as a rival for the hegemony they both seek.  In this case, Muslims were the scapegoat necessary to justify the murderous cause.

As an example of a fascist character, the  killer represents the ultimate of rebelliousness with reactionary ideas.  He is the quintessential little man who stands for absolute authoritarianism.  He must have been so completely beaten down by his father that he needed the fantasied authority of the father figure (the Knight Templar or the fatherland) to dictate his life and give him permission to carry out the brutality and hate that was no longer able to be controlled.  Hatred of Muslims, racial purity, mysticism, and automatism are all symptoms stemming from the fascist’s orgastic impotence.  From a social perspective, using Muslims as scapegoats aggravated an already tense social situation between Muslims and non-Muslims which generated even more public interest in his case.

Despite being heavily armored, the fascist still has a sense of life within himself but experiences it only in a mystical, distorted fashion.  Excited by intolerable feelings of longing that can never be satisfied, he strikes out brutally and murderously against those who he senses are lively and free.  He then rationalizes his actions as a mystical cause that is just and necessary to safeguard the purity of his race and to maintain dominance over other less pure races.  To achieve his objective, he will let nothing stop him from destroying those who threaten him or stand in his way.

This case illustrates that two forces were required, one originating from his individual (paranoid schizophrenic) character and the other from his socio-political (fascist) character.  These forces conspired to bring about this tragic occurrence.

The Effect Of Armor On Thought Processes

In the healthy individual, thought processes are fluid and can adapt to changes in natural (including social) conditions. This is called functional thinking, thinking the way nature functions.  The individual’s capacity to think functionally is a reflection of  an absence of armor particularly of the  ocular segment which includes the eyes and it’s extension into the brain.

The effect of armor is to rigidify biological functions including the function of thought. Instead of adapting thought processes to the way nature functions,  armored thinking is used in the service of rationalizing the individual’s preconceived view of the world.   Examples of armored thinking in politics are the ideologies of the political Left and the Right.  Each of these ideologies is based on specific differences in the distribution of  the individual’s armor.  In the natural sciences, the mechanistic/mystical form of armored thinking dominates scientific thought.  According to the mechanistic view, all of nature operates according to the mechanical laws governing machines.  When mechanistic thinking fails to explain, the scientist appeals to mystical ideas, ideas with no factual basis, to complete the explanation. Mechanistic/mystical thinking  not only grossly distorts nature but, more importantly, it serves as a powerful defense against any attempt to replace it with a  functional view of the natural world.  Today, mechanistic thinking in the natural sciences functions is defending itself in the same ferocious manner against functional thinking that mystical Church doctrine was dogmatically employed against natural scientists, “heretics,” in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Origin Of The Ideologies Of The Left And The Right

In order to understand what is wrong with political ideologies one must first recognize what is right about them from a biophysical point of view.  In my blog on February I stated that the politics of the Left and Right originate from the basic contradiction in the structure of all armored humans: the longing for freedom on the one hand and fear of freedom on the other.

The ideology of the true liberal is determined by and is an expression of the underlying human longing for freedom, happiness and a desire for social improvement.  The ideology of the true conservative is determined by a sense that these desired states of being if not unrealistic, are, at the very least, not practically attainable beyond what people actually have.

Thus, liberal ideology has always been more popular and attractive to the masses and why it is that left-leaning presidents in the past such as Wilson, Roosevelt and Kennedy have enjoyed an inordinate amount of  adoration.  In today’s anti-authoritarian era social conditions are even worse that before.  Many people including especially those on the political Left are in a state of chronic over-expansion and unsatisfaction.  Originating from their helplessness and need to taken care, their expectation to be given a continuous  supply of  security and material possessions seems unquenchable.  This need fits in well with President Obama’s far left domestic policies and accounts for his continuing popularity among this segment of the population even as social and economic conditions worsen.

Our Dysfunctional Economy

The vitality of a nation depends on its ability to regulate itself economically.  The well-being of the economy is a reflection of the quality and quantity of people’s biological work function.  Since armored humans have a disturbance in their work function in varying types and degrees, the ability for self regulation of the nation’s economy must become dysfunctional.  A sign of the worsening in their emotional health in today’s anti-authoritarian society is the decline in the quality and quantity of  people’s capacity to work .  The  degradation of the American economy is a direct result.

Some of the signs of the degradation in the work function are seen in the following manifestations of social pathology:

1) The increase in the number of people’s economic helplessness, those who depend on the government for their survival. This is done either directly in the form of handouts of welfare checks or indirectly through the unionism of the public sector.

2) The rising power of unions over workers’ lives.

3) The increasing sense of public entitlement, expecting something from the government in all segments of society, from individuals to giant corporations.

4) The application of affirmative action rules in the workplace.

5) Irresponsible and fraudulent credit practices by business and government leaders resulting in the erosion of public trust in the marketplace and in financial institutions such as banks.

In response to the economic troubles, the government steps in to “do something”  by passing laws in the form of  spending, including bail-out and regulatory legislation, none of which has anything whatsoever to do with the underlying source of the economic problems.  Self regulation in the private sector is replaced by compulsive regulation from the public sector.  These politicians are incapable of  admitting  that they have no solution to improve social conditions.  Others who are more realistic know that they have nothing better to offer except to cut back on the government’s involvement in trying to fix things.  This is the only possible rational solution considering the general lack of understanding of the  biological work function.

The Breakdown Of The American Two Party System

The breakdown of the two party system began with the anti-authoritarian transformation of American society around 1960.  Pseudo-liberal/communist politicians succeeded in infiltrating and taking over the Democratic party This brought abut a shift in the American political mainstream to the left of center.  Because of this shift, there was no longer a far left in American politics, only a far right.  Republicans who were on the political right reacted to this shift by forming a party of their own, the Conservative party.  Politics became ideologically polarized.  The relationship between pseudo-liberals and conservatives became one of antagonistic opposition.

The anti-authoritarian transformation resulted in an explosion of social problems such as the breakdown of the authoritarian family with all of its catastrophic consequences.  People were helpless to cope with this breakdown and many looked to politics for solutions.  With no knowledge of the depths of humanities problems, politicians took over and  posed as liberators caring for the public.  This situation gave rise to socio-politics.  But politicians can never provide answers to people’s social problems.  In fact, it is their very helplessness that is a major part of people’s problems, their inability to deal with their personal and economic problems in a healthy manner.

Today, an increasing number of independent and responsible people are becoming fed up with politicians and the politics of both parties and their makeshift and self-serving solutions.   According to a Harris poll, the number of people who called themselves Democrat or Republican declined in the past several decades.  During the same time, the percentage of  “independent” voters increased.  Democrats dropped from 49% to 35% and Republicans dropped from 31% to 28% while independents rose from 20%  to 28%.

The tragedy is that there is nowhere for dissatisfied voters to go.  Desperate politicians keep coming up with the same outworn solutions by providing socialistic remedies to the  dependent and helpless masses while the independent people’s disillusion with politics grows.

Nothing will change for the better until people start looking within themselves for the source of their problems and not to external sources such as politics.  Then it will be possible for people to help themselves.

The Importance Of Experiencing Fear

Experiencing the emotion of fear (biophysical contraction) is a vital function for individual and social survival.  This is true for all animal species  including humans.  Because of  the presence of armor, many humans have lost the ability to experience fear as a reaction to danger.  In them, it is either distorted and felt as anxiety or it is not felt at all.  In fact, today’s anti-authoritarian society is in a state of a chronic,  false sense of well-being ( biophysical expansion), individually, economically and politically.

Anxiety is a symptom of an underlying emotional disorder.  This is the reason that  fear including its distorted manifestation, anxiety, is avoided by almost everyone at all costs.  Since people are unwilling to look inward for the source of what is disturbing them, they look outward and blame their personal emotional problems on external sources.  Or, they avoid feelings entirely and are left being out of touch with themselves.  One way to avoid anxiety is to extinguish any uncomfortable feeling with the help of medication such as prescription or street drugs.  Instead of rejecting  these drugs and tolerating their uncomfortable emotions, which would be a healthier reaction, many look to drugs as a panacea.  People’s avoidance reaction to experiencing fear and anxiety is, in fact, the real reason for the popularity of marijuana and the power behind the  political push to have it legalized.

Another way to avoid disturbing feelings is through the defensive use of the intellect.  According  to this approach, everyone (including those who are forsworn to destroy people’s freedom throughout the world if they have the opportunity), is viewed as harmless or well-intentioned.  Therefore, fearing them and taking appropriate defensive action is not rational or is unnecessary.

To the contrary, the inability to experience fear renders individuals as well as society as a whole defenseless. History has repeatedly shown that emotional plague-ridden individuals will sooner or later appear and take advantage of other  people’s vulnerability to usher in a catastrophe on an individual or social scale.

People’s Substitute Fascination With Evil

An article in USA Today (June 3, 2011) reports that the movies that are most in demand by the public this summer are the ones that feature different aspects of human evil. According to one movie director, “Your movie is only as good as your villain is.”

People’s obsession with evil and frightening villains can be understood only from a functional energetic viewpoint. Those who are fascinated with the subject are the ones who are severely emotionally out of contact with both the inner and outer worlds.  Experiencing the cinematic depiction of human evil in a vivid and realistic manner induces the emotion of fear (biophysical contraction) and serves to bring people into partial, albeit distorted contact with themselves.  Viewing these movies satisfies people’s need for a temporary, substitute form of emotional contact.

Mr. Netanyahu’s Speech: The Exception That Proves The Rule

In my blog “Making Sense Of Politics”, May 21, 2011 I state that the biological core, the source of every constructive social endeavor is not represented at all in social life.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the joint session of Congress on May 24, 2011 is the exception that proves the rule.

Mr. Netanyahu’s view of the Arab-Israeli conflict originates from his biological core.  It is life positive and is based on the right of all humans, Jews and Arabs alike, to live with each other in peace and harmony.  This means recognizing Israel as an independent Jewish state. His aggressive response against Islamic terrorist organizations such as Hamas has proven to be more effective in securing the state of Israel in a hostile world than the approach of the soft-liners.

His approach indicates that he has some understanding of the emotional plague’s operation.  For example, in his speech he stated that whenever any mention is made of terrorist attacks that are made against Israel, the world reacts with silence, and attention is directed on Israel as the culprit.  However, having an intuitive awareness of the plague is one thing and stopping its destructiveness is another.  The plague must be universally recognized for what it is, a destructive social force embedded in every armored individual that can, when conditions are right, wreck havoc on every life positive social vision such as the one so eloquently stated by Mr. Netanyahu before Congress.  The world will probably soon forget Mr. Netanyahu’s words as the emotional plague of armored humans silences him in front of everyone’s eyes.

The Republicans Cannot Come Up With A Strong Presidential Candidate In 2012

The problem of finding an effective opposition to President Obama in 2012 requires an understanding of the dynamics of the ideological forces that are currently in operation.  The forces on the left are pro-active.  Always looking for socialistic solutions to social problems, the left constantly agitates for social change.  Any change, regardless of the consequences for the well being of the nation, is better than maintaining things as they are.  By contrast, the forces on the Right are reactive.  Not having any “new solutions” to offer, they mainly function to oppose the destructive social policies of the Left.

In the past authoritarian era, there were equal numbers of people on the Left and Right and the ideological forces were balanced. In today’s anti-authoritarian era there is a marked political shift of the political mainstream to the Left of center.  This shift includes the population at large as well as both political parties.  As a result, political solutions to social problems are the popular rule.  For a candidate on the political Right not to have novel political solutions to social problems puts him or her at a disadvantage.

Making Sense Of Politics

In order to make sense of politics one first has to think functionally and have an understanding of the three basic layers of the bio-psychic structure of  armored humans: the biological core, the destructive middle layer and the superficial layer or social facade. Otherwise, one is likely to throw one’s hands up in frustration and walk away from what is happening.

All political interactions occur from the social facade.  However most political activity originates from the destructive middle layer while the biological core, the source of every constructive social endeavor, is not represented at all in social life.  To make matters worse, most people operate in politics as if the destructive middle layer, the source of human evil, did not even exist.  It’s as if the emperor has no clothes: all political activity is believed to occur and can be addressed satisfactorily in a rational, parliamentary fashion from the social facade.  This charade, expounded mainly by the political Left, continues to have tragic consequences while the political Right, having nothing better to offer, finds itself following in the same path.

This is the unfortunate state of affairs in politics today.  It is the reason that American society is falling apart and that the survival of America nationally and internationally is increasingly becoming a matter of chance.  People in political power remain ignorant of the underlying dynamics of the biological forces, both healthy as well as destructive, that govern social life.  What is more, there is no indication that they are in the least bit interested in learning about them.  “Politics as usual” is the rule.

The world is fortunate to have knowledge that can potentially reverse this dangerous decline in social conditions.  The subject of politics is discussed extensively in my upcoming book, “Neither Left Nor Right”.

The Mechanistic And Mystical Views On Human Sexuality

Differences in the world views of armored people’s mechanistic and mystical thinking are apparent in every area of human life including human sexuality. When applied to living functions, mechanistic and mystical thinking are distortions and serve as a defense against seeing things as they really are. These views generally correspond to the thinking of the political Left (mechanistic thinking) and the Right (mystical thinking).

When applied to human sexuality, mechanistic thinking seems to be able to investigate every aspect of human sexuality in minute detail from different varieties of pre-genital sexual activity to the hormones, neurotransmitters and brain centers that are involved in sex. After all of the studies, little if anything new has been learned about the sexual functions of emotional life. Mystical thinking, on the other hand, focuses on terms such as “love”, “energy” and so on that have no physical basis.

Both views contain serious distortions. They ignore the existence of the physical biological energy that is capable of providing the basis for understanding every aspect of the human sexual function. Knowledge of this energy, which was discovered by Wilhelm Reich around 1940, continues to remain off limits to those who think mechanistically or mystically through their armored character structures.  Through bio-electric experimentation, Reich found that the charge at the skin surface increased during states of pleasure and decreased during states of anxiety. He concluded that there is a real physical energy involved in these differing emotional states. The emotions of pleasure and anxiety correspond to different directions of energy movement; from the center of the organism to the periphery in pleasure, from the periphery to the center in anxiety. From clinical investigation he concluded that the sexual orgasm in the relatively unarmored organism functions like a safety valve to regulate its energy economy and by so doing prevents the build-up of energy that can lead to every form of human pathology, medical, social and psychological. However, in most armored people the regulatory function of the orgasm is disturbed and this is why  they cannot recognize it’s functional importance in maintaining emotional and physical health. The current mechanistic-mystical views on human sexuality are the inevitable result of armored thinking.

Symptomatic Versus Curative Approaches To Medical Illness

In almost every case, the approach of the mechanistic physician to illness is to focus on and eliminate the disturbing presenting symptom. This is because the underlying cause of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, schizophrenia and so on  is outside his or her scope. To  make matters worse, most seek medical help when they develop overt signs and symptoms of illness at a time when the disease process has become irreversible and the only possible treatment is symptomatic.  The impressive advances in infectious diseases, surgical techniques and the diagnostic sophistication of specialized branches of medicine only serve to highlight how far medicine has gone in the direction of mechanization. Medical specialties excel exactly because the application of mechanistic principles to medical practice develops in the direction of greater specialization.

One must step outside this mechanistic paradigm in order to find a truly curative approach to medical (including psychiatric) illnesses. Wilhelm Reich’s discovery of the biopathic predisposition of armored organisms to illness provides exactly that. A biopathy is a pulsatory energy disturbance of the plasmatic system (which consists of the autonomic nervous system and the vascular system) resulting from the presence of chronic armor. The approach of the medical orgone therapist  is to gradually eliminate the pulsatory disturbance which underlies the biopathic symptom. Successful dissolution of armor results not only in elimination of the disturbing symptom but also in the a permanent improvement in the individual’s functioning and emotional well being. Armor prevention in infants and children would be an important natural, not a mechanically artificial, step toward improving the level of health and longevity in the general population.

The Anti-authoritarian Degeneration On College Campuses

The anti-authoritarian social order has invaded every area of social life.  None more so than on our college campuses.  The reason for this destructive turn of events is never asked because the answer lies outside the framework of conventional mechanistic-mystical thinking.  It has to do with the push of sexual energy in these young people and their incapacity to achieve genuine satisfaction because of armor.  The resultant undischarged  sexual energy gives rise to all sorts of pathological symptoms including, in some students, acting out social disturbances on college campuses.  Today more than ever the emotional basis of these symptoms is consistently ignored.

In the past authoritarian era society was well ordered.  Personal problems of individuals were dealt with on an individual level by those who were authorized to handle them.  In today’s anti-authoritarian society, personal problems have become politicized as social issues and are dealt with not by individuals but by groups of people, committees and so on.  Individual authority has been replaced by collective authority.  It is at this point that the current administration  as Big Brother regularly enters to “solve” the problem, in this case, by providing  federal “guidelines” on what is considered to be proper (politically correct) social behavior on college campuses.

This example illustrates the tactic typically used by pseudo-liberal/ communist politicians in their attempt to achieve control of American society: To seize upon any current social problem or create one where none exists and then to provide a centralized, government-sponsored solution for it.

Conspiracy Theories And The Operation Of The Emotional Plague

Conspiracy theories are an attempt on the part of armored humans to understand the existence of the emotional plague. However, armored people think  of social interactions in terms of conscious intent and this is the weakness of all conspiracy theories. Regardless of the merit of the facts, they attribute some kind of malice or deliberate intent on the part of the alleged conspirators. By so doing, they miss the essential point that all human behavior is driven by the persons individual or socio-political character structure. This behavior originates from and is determined by unconscious biological forces residing deep within the destructive secondary layer of armored people.

Emotional plague ridden individuals do not consciously “conspire” to organize and carry out their destructive actions. They spontaneously gravitate to each other and operate together because they share a common goal without any conscious or evil intent. The collaboration of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela on the extreme Left and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran on the extreme Right illustrates the tendency of plague individuals to spontaneously organize against their common enemy, the free world (particularly America), even though they belong on opposite sides of the socio-political spectrum.

The Rise In The Number Of Children And Adolescents Requiring Psychiatric Care

I started my psychiatric residency in 1960. Compared to today, children and adolescents were a relatively small part of the psychiatric population and treatment consisted almost entirely of some form of psychotherapy. The use of medication for the treatment of children and adolescents was unheard of. In the following decades, more and more young people came to the attention of the psychiatrist and drugs were introduced in their treatment. Today, the treatment of choice for children and adolescents is with medication designed to suppress the disturbing symptom.

The increase in the number of young people needing psychiatric help is one of the many destructive consequences of the transformation of Western society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian. The authoritarian society of the past was based on the authoritarian family. Based on sexual repression, the father was the enforcer of compulsive authority and the mother, in particular, was the bearer of the authoritarian moral code, of distinguishing right from wrong. From the standpoint of society, when repression was successful there was a general sense of social stability manifested as loyalty and respect for authority and authoritarian social institutions.

In today’s anti-authoritarian social order there has been a weakening in the authoritarian family. From a behavioral standpoint  parents are not able to be emotionally responsible  for raising and taking care of their children. Society is being torn apart. The old authoritarian morality has been replaced by a far more destructive morality, political correctness, based on authority which originates from outside the local authority of the family. The new authority is qualitatively very different from the old authoritarian authority since it consists of people’s opposition to traditional forms of authority. This has necessarily resulted in centralized or collective authority. Full of disrespect for all forms of traditional authority, children and adolescents are increasingly out of touch with their biological core and with traditional values and practices that once held society together. There has been a sharp rise in anxiety levels manifested in severe attention deficits (disturbances in contact), hyperactivity and various forms of impulsive behavior requiring psychiatric attention. Many of these conditions did not exist 50 years ago. Unfortunately the only form of treatment at the traditional psychiatrist’s disposal is with symptom suppressing medications. The underlying source of the emotional problems of young people are consistently evaded.

By contrast, those trained by the American College of Orgonomy in medical and social orgonomy understand and are prepared to deal with the destructive changes in people’s structure resulting from the anti-authoritarian transformation of our society (see ” The Practice of Medical Orgone Therapy in Anti-authoritarian Society” in The Journal of Orgonomy, volume 43 number 2).

The Brain Is Not The Mind: What Can And Cannot Be Expected From The New Brain Atlas

Mechanistic scientists believe that the brain and the mind are one and the same. A 55 million $ computerized atlas of the human brain has recently been built for purposes of studying not only organic diseases involving the brain such as Alzheimer’s disease and autism but also psychiatric illnesses such as depression that are supposedly believed to originate in the brain (“Atlas Gives Scientists New View of the Brain,” Wall Street Journal April 13, 2011.)

The atlas may have value in pinpointing organic brain diseases; however, equating the mind (psyche) exclusively with the brain and not with the whole body which includes the brain has been downright destructive because it has set the stage for mechanizing the practice of psychiatry. Through a better understanding of brain physiology, psychiatrists hope that they somehow will have a pharmacological cure for mental illnesses by altering brain functioning.

This view of mental illness has brought about the current deplorable state of psychiatric practice where the diagnosis and treatment of every patient is exclusively determined by the symptom that is exhibited. From the symptom, a drug has to be manufactured that is hoped to be “tailor made” to treat in cook book fashion the “brain disorder” that is responsible for it.

Since, however, psychic illness is the result of a disorder of the whole body and not just the brain, this pharmacological goal can never be reached no matter how well brain physiology is understood. Sooner or later the psychiatric profession will have to realize the futility of this mechanistic-mystical approach. They will  have to come to grips with the enormous destructive consequences of their erroneous ways of thinking and start thinking functionally. What they must attain in order to effectively treat psychiatric disorders is not a better psychiatric drug but a functional  understanding of the simultaneous identity and antitheses of psyche (mind) and soma (body) that underlies health and disease.

Natural Authority, Compulsive Authority And Anti-authority

The emotional plague thrives on confusion by generating more of the same. The mix-up around the significance of authority is an important example. As a result, there is no general understanding of the distinction between the social function of rational and irrational forms of authority.

This distinction depends on recognizing the three layers of the human bio-psychic structure: the biological core, the secondary destructive layer and the surface or superficial facade. Rare in armored society, natural authority originates from the biological core and is directly expressed without distortion through the surface. It serves to maintain healthy forms of social life.

The transformation of Western society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian occurred around 1960. The typical form of authority in authoritarian Western society of the past was  compulsive authority.  Through repression, it was directed against both impulses from the biological core (healthy) and pathological (destructive) impulses of people.  Despite its shortcomings, the authoritarian social order largely preserved the authority of individuals.  The repressive focus of compulsive authority on healthy versus pathological life depended on the rigidity of the particular authoritarian society.

Anti-authoritarianism is the typical form of authority in today’s liberal, Western societies. It  developed as a result of the breakdown of the past authoritarian social order and its necessary replacement with centralized (State/collective) authority. Primarily opposed to any form of individual or local authority and healthy expression from the biological core,  anti-authoritianism originated from and is in the service of expressing impulses from the secondary destructive layer of armored human beings. Core contact is completely absent. Today’s anti-authoritarian social order is directly responsible for the qualitative disintegration of every form of social life.

What Is Required For The Democratization Of Islamic Countries

In his article “Confronting Gadhafi Is Not Enough” (Wall Street Journal, March 19-20, 2011),  Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair writes that the reason why Islamic countries have not achieved democratic status is “because cultural and social modernization has not taken place in these countries and proper religion has been perverted to breed fanatics, not democrats.”  This answer although correct does not go far enough and it underestimates the enormous depth of social problems confronting Islamic countries.

My book “The Emotional Plague, The Root Of Human Evil” identifies the steps that must be taken before any legitimate form of democracy can develop in Muslim countries. These steps which must originate from within the people themselves are the following:

1) Identifying and social sequestering of emotional plague characters on the political Left and Right.

2) Discouraging tribalism.

3) Emancipating women.

4) Separating the Islamic religion from the State.

5) Eliminating sex-negative practices in child rearing and the hateful mystical indoctrination of young people in principles of Islamic Fundamentalism.

These are monumental tasks that will take generations to accomplish even under the best of circumstances. Despite the revolutions that are currently taking place throughout the Muslim world, it is illusory to think that any legitimate form of democracy can ever be established in Muslim countries. Having lived under severe authoritarian repression for centuries, Muslims have no experience in democratic self-governance. The present tyrants will be replaced by others who are likely to be more repressive that the current ones. Iran is an example. Following Iran, Turkey, one of the few secular Islamic countries, is rapidly moving toward re-Islamization.

It must be generally recognized that the energy source of the emotional plague – human destructiveness toward others- and the formation of every kind of totalitarian state ultimately resides in the helplessness of the masses, their mystical longing to be cared for by those in power and their thwarted sexual frustration that can quickly turn into social rebellion through Western-style  political causes.

The Demise Of Modern Psychiatry

More than any other discipline,  psychiatry has lost its autonomy as an independent branch of the medical sciences and, as a result, it is now more or less under the complete influence of the pharmaceutical and insurance industries.  No longer is the psychiatrist the one who is in complete charge of the patient. Today,  the psychiatrist treats the psychiatric symptom such as anxiety, depression etc with medication. while the psychologist or social worker treats the “whole patient.”

How did this tragic degradation in this once highly respected profession come about? The decline in the quality of psychiatric care is directly related to the psychiatrist’s failure to understand the origin and functions of emotions that underlie psychiatric illness.  This necessarily led to a mechanistic, brain-centered distortion of psychiatric illness and a symptom based system of diagnosis and treatment.  The elimination of the troublesome symptom, not the establishment of emotional health, became the goal of psychiatric treatment.  The mechanistically oriented psycho-pharmacologist gradually  replaced the function of the psychotherapist as the primary caretaker.  With the use of medication, the energy behind the patient’s psychiatric problematic symptom is blocked from being experienced but this occurs at the expense of his emotional well-being.

The mechanistic distortions of human emotional life that we see today in the practice of psychiatry did not occur because of a lack of knowledge.  They could have been prevented if the medical discoveries of Wilhelm Reich such as the existence of biological energy, the function of armor and the orgasm function were understood and incorporated into the existing body of psychiatric knowledge.  Tragically, the overwhelming majority of psychiatrists were and still are unable to think functionally and grasp the crucial importance of these discoveries.  They are left with a sterile approach to human illness, one that cannot be sustained for long before the public at large and the psychiatric profession itself become disillusioned with the current state of affairs and look for a better alternative to what they have.

The Spread Of The Anti-authoritatian Social Order To The Muslim World

The transformation of Western society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian began around 1960.  A manifestation of the emotional plague (see glossary), it was partly the result of the so-called sexual revolution and the decline in the authoritarian form of sexual repression.  The promise of the new anti-authoritarian society was  hoped to bring about greater sexual freedom and happiness for the younger generation.  In reality, because no attempt was made to distinguish between rational authority which requires protection and compulsive or neurotic authority, what it brought about was disastrous.   Much of what was of value in the authoritarian order such as the structure of the family was destroyed  as well as the breakthrough of every kind of destructive social activity imaginable.  To make matters worse, there was no attempt made to look at the reasons that the sexual needs of young people were not fulfilled and why the movement ended in disaster.

Because of the enormous technological advances of Western civilization such as the computer and the Internet it was only a matter of time before the anti-authoritarian movement with its mindless, mechanical emphasis on unconditional freedom for all people would spread from the West and infect the rigidly authoritarian nations of the Muslim world.  The revolutions that are currently happening throughout the Islamic world are only the first wave of what is to come.  At present, the social, economic  and military consequences of these revolutions can only be guessed at because these are the most superficial manifestations of the anti-authoritarian movement.  What is certain, however, is that the power of the deposed rulers will be taken over by others  but there will be no genuine improvement in social conditions in Islamic nations until people’s underlying biological emotional needs, particularly those of newborns, infants and children are recognized and protected. Until then, these countries will continue to be a potential breeding ground for tyrants and terrorists.

The Rebellious Arab States And The Emotional Plague

Once again, the drama of the conflict between people’s longing to be free and their fear of freedom is being played out, this time in the form of popular uprisings against military dictatorships in Arab Nations throughout North Africa and the Middle East.  It is an old story as old as the history of civilization itself.  Once again, many in the Free World are euphorically  rooting for the oppressed people to be freed from their oppressors.   Once again, no one is able to ask the obvious questions: Why are people oppressed in the first place?  How is it possible that a handful of despotic leaders can enslave millions of people?  How can such an outcome be prevented in the future?  Why are people able to see and deal with only the surface of social problems and not their underlying causes?

The answer to these questions has to do with the existence of human armor.  For example, because of their armored condition, when the subjugated masses are liberated they are not able to function differently than they did before. People want freedom but they are terrified of being free.  New tyrants are always ready and waiting to take control of them, often with a worsening of social conditions.  This is the operation of the emotional plague – the destructive behavior of humans on each other.

Until people open their eyes and start honestly looking at themselves for the source of their problems, the hopeless cycle of social oppression followed by people’s rebellion against tyrants will continue with  increasing severity and loss of human life.  This task requires that people start taking the existence of the emotional plague and its devastating effects on human life seriously.

Why There Can Never Be A Truce Between The Left And The Right

Political ideology originates from the basic contradiction in the structure of every armored human being: the longing  for greater freedom and happiness on the one hand and the desire for safety and security on the other.  In America, liberal ideology is determined by and is the expression of the underlying hope for the promise of freedom and universal happiness. Liberal ideologues have no sense of people’s  biophysical limitations based on their armored condition.  Conservative ideology is determined by the belief that these desired states of being, if not unrealistic are, at the very least, not practically attainable beyond what people actually have.  Therefore, people in America should count their blessings and feel  grateful for what they have.

From a biophysical standpoint, ideological differences are the result of differences in people’s pattern of armor. In general, liberal characters have greater amounts of ocular armor relative to muscular armor.  Relying solely on their intellect, they see the world idealistically, that is, the way they would like it to be. This distorted and highly destructive view permits them to come up with political and social “solutions” that they mistakenly believe will solve social problems.  The pattern of armor is reversed in conservative characters.  In general, they have less ocular armor and more muscular armor.  Conservatives are in better touch with reality and recognize their limitations in being able to bring about social improvement. These biologically based differences in the pattern of armor account for the ideologies of the Left and Right and is the reason that they can never see eye to eye on any particular social or political issue.

The Triumph Of Mechanistic Thinking In The Social Sciences

In every one of the natural sciences, the destructiveness of mechanistic thinking is contained in its characteristics:

1) It is causal in a mechanistic way.  For example, all that needs to be done to have a democratic society is to get rid of the repressive regime.  Nothing is said of what the conditions in social living must be before this change from a dictatorship  to a democracy can happen or why the repressive regime has been in power in the first place.

2) Quantitative factors to achieve a democracy are the only ones that are considered important; qualitative factors are ignored.  For example, what is necessary to have a successful revolution is to have a majority of people who are opposed to the regime in power.  It does not matter whether or not these people share the same ideas about what the goals of the revolution are.  These qualitative differences in people’s socio-political character structure, which in reality may be insurmountable, are things that somehow can be worked out later.

3) Only external, environmental factors are important in determining human behavior; internal factors such as people’s emotional dependency on others and their inability to do productive work do not count.  Thus, the effects of character armor in influencing how people think and behave in society can be effectively ignored and the source of human destructiveness pass unnoticed by almost everyone.

History has repeatedly shown that when  dictators have been brought down and people are faced with having to govern themselves, their political differences, inability to organize rationally and personal problems come to the surface.  Then, social armor becomes even more entrenched and social conditions become worse than they were before the revolution.

The Biological Origin Of Political Correctness

In his article “The Origins of Political Correctness” which appeared in volume 43, number 2 issue of  The Journal of Orgonomy, Bill Lind describes political correctness as “the disease of the century,” the distorted expression of Marxist ideas translated from economics into cultural terms.  Although correct from an historical standpoint, his understanding of the origins of political correctness are limited to the more superficial socio-economic realm.  It does not take into account the powerful biological forces residing in people’s depths that have rapidly made political correctness the dominant form of morality in twenty-first century America.

The transformation of social armor from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian that began around 1960 was accompanied by a corresponding change in the structure of individual armor.  Prior to that time, in most adults armor was contained in the skeletal muscles.  With the transformation of social armor, a shift occurred in the pattern of armor of young people from the musculature to the brain.  Ocular armor increased at the expense of muscular armor in a large segment of the adult population.  This shift resulted in a dramatic change in the way morality was experienced and expressed.

The authoritarian morality of the past originated to a great extent from muscular armor.  Its function was to preserve the authoritarian way of life.  With the shift of individual armor from the musculature to the brain in a large number of young people there occurred a qualitative change in morals.  Authoritarian morality with its absolute distinction between right and wrong based on emotional feelings became replaced by political correctness, an expression of a qualitatively different kind of morality originating exclusively from the brain.

Functioning to establish the anti-authoritarian social order over authoritarianism, the morality of political correctness is a highly infectious and pernicious  manifestation of the emotional plague because it appeals to people’s intellect and it is well rationalized as being for the common good of everyone.

The Socio-political Dynamics Of A Con Operation

As in the case of individuals, a con operation in the socio-political arena involves the dynamic interaction of two forces.  With two individuals there is, on the one hand, the person who has an emotional or material need for something and on the other, there is the con artist waiting and ready to “supply” this need.  The relationship between the investors and Bernie Madoff with his Ponzi scheme is a classic example.

The same relationship exists in the socio-political realm.  Here, the two forces are the emotionally crippled, helpless  public who have a neurotically based material need to be given something on the one hand, and the freedom peddlers in government who seem to be able to supply this need; for example, by providing low interest mortgage loans or “free” health care coverage, on the other.  Borrowing from Peter (the productive, taxpaying segment of society) to pay Paul (the non-productive, non-taxpaying segment) is an example of a huge Ponzi scheme that is operating by politicians in the Federal government in front of everyone’s eyes.  The con operation happens mostly unnoticed because an ever increasing segment of the American public believes that  they are in need of being taken care of and the responsibility is quickly assumed  by leftist-oriented  politicians of both parties ready to take advantage of the situation. Most importantly, this situation does nothing to improve the quality of life of the people that are supposedly being helped. It makes them even more dependent on the government than they were before. It also further erodes the free market as it lines the pockets and increases the power of the con artists acting collectively in politics.

The way to stop a con is to expose it.

The Choice Is Between Bad And Worse

Any attempt by people at political solutions to social problems always results in an existing bad situation becoming a worse one.  The reason for this tragic turn of events is the limitations in people’s ability to tolerate freedom. In their political struggles, people’s longing for greater freedom becomes thwarted by their own armor and this prevents them from actually being able to achieve the freedom that they desire.  This inability on the part of the people always permits the forces of the organized emotional plague to enter the political arena and take advantage of the power vacuum bringing about a more totalitarian regime than that which existed before.  A bad social condition turns worse.

Once again, this destructive chain of events manifested by Arab unrest is being played out, this time in countries of the Middle East and North Africa. Democracy requires more than a free election.  Nothing has been learned from past experience. Nothing still is understood about people’s biophysical intolerance for freedom and the reason for their trapped existence in the first place, which is their armored condition.  This brings to the surface the forces of the emotional plague that are contained in the structure of all humans. These forces can and will turn every hope of people struggling for a better life into more despair.

The True Meaning Of ‘Christ Died For Your Sins.’

A cornerstone of Christian philosophy, this phrase is a manifestation or symptom of armored human thinking.  All symptoms consist of two components, an impulse and a defense. In this case, the impulse consists of man’s attempt to relieve himself of his guilt (sinfullness) by placing the burden of responsibility on Christ the Savior.  The defense consists in concealing through mystical distortion the true reason for Christ’s death.  By removing the distortion, this phrase would become clear and read: “Christ died because of mans sinfullness.”  In his book, “The Murder of Christ,” Wilhelm Reich showed that human beings murdered Christ because of their sinfullness, i.e. evil, resulting from the emotional plague within them.

The Political Strategy Of Leftist Ideologues

In order to make sense of the political behavior of leftist ideologues in America, an understanding of the three functional layers of every individual’s bio-physical structure is necessary. These are the superficial layer or facade, the deeper, socially destructive middle layer and the deepest layer, the biological core.

Having no contact with their core and depending on whether or not they are in political power, ideologues on the political Left shift back and forth from their superficial layer (by impersonating  true liberals) to their destructive, middle layer and back again. When not in political power (prior to 2008), they operated from their superficial layer and pretended that they were genuine liberals. Once they gained power in 2008, these falsely named (pseudo) liberals revealed their true identity. In full view of a surprised public, they abandoned their liberal facade and blatantly operated entirely from their destructive middle layer. They packaged their socialist agenda as social progress and shoved it down the public’s throat, proving that their objective is to weaken and ultimately destroy America both domestically and internationally and that therefore, they are, in fact no different than old-fashioned communists. Now  that they are again not politically dominant (in 2011), they have returned to assuming their seemingly benign  liberal facade. And this is the way that the Left will appear until they next take control of government. This is called the salami method of government, takeover of a country slice by slice

The Left’s temporary retreat is designed to give the appearance  that they are currently relenting on some of their destructive political rhetoric and goals. Because the public recognizes only what is on the political surface, this will be viewed by some on the Right as a victory but this is wishful thinking. The facile changes in the pseudo-liberal/communist’s facade are entirely calculated.Their tactics are always in the service of maintaining and increasing political control over people.

The Problem Of Aggression

To resolve the problem of aggression a distinction must be made between natural, healthy aggression, energy that originates from the biological core and is expressed rationally without distortion and neurotic aggression, energy that becomes distorted and irrational as it passes through the armor.

The confusion resulting from this mix-up sets the emotional plague in motion. Because of their biophysical intolerance and fear of aggression from the biological core, those on the political Left are quick to view all forms of aggression, healthy and neurotic, as pathological. This permits them to politicize public acts of violence  such as the recent Tuscon massacre to discredit the political Right. They automatically associate aggression with violence and the political Right. Although those on the Right are able to tolerate aggression, they also do not distinguish between its two forms. When attacked, they are placed in a defensive position where all they can do is to point out the political nature of the Left’s actions. Without making clear the existence of the two forms of aggression, healthy and sick, the Right’s response is only partially effective.  It facilitates expression of the emotional plague and increases the political influence of the Left.

Massacre In Tuscon

The following is an excerpt of an article that will be included in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Orgonomy.  It is being published here with kind permission of the author, Edward Chaska M.D.

Referring to the January 8th shooting of 20 people by accused gunman Jared Lee Loughner, Dr. Chaska writes:

“Overlooked in the media’s debate over the tragic shootings of Congresswoman Giffords and nineteen others is the deadly interaction between marijuana and mental illness.  As a psychiatric consultant in a drug and rehabilitation facility I see dozens of young men and women who present in psychotic and violent states from the use of marijuana and other drugs.  Often, after three or four months of treatment and abstinence from marijuana, they are entirely changed human beings.  Marijuana users are three times as likely to develop a psychotic episode and twice as likely to develop overt symptoms of schizophrenia as are people who do not smoke marijuana.  They also suffer higher rates of anxiety and depression. Marijuana inhibits brain development and interferes with natural empathic feelings for other human beings.

“In Pennsylvania, thanks to ‘children’s rights’ advocates, children over 14 can refuse psychiatric or drug and alcohol treatment, even if their parents insist they need it.  If the media wants someone to blame for this tragedy they need look no further than the marijuana lobby and the ‘children’s rights’ advocates who interfere with a parent’s right to get treatment for their children with psychiatric and drug problems.”

With his knowledge of characterology, the trained medical orgonomist can accurately identify and effectively treat youngsters who are at risk for developing psychotic symptoms and are prone to destructive behavior long before they become violent. Mr. Loughner, who had a past history of drug use, may not have been suffering from classic schizophrenic symptoms prior to the attack but nevertheless his behavior indicated that he had a character diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia  with impulsive and homicidal tendencies. His history of marijuana use put him at greater risk to have a violent psychotic reaction. The ability of the medical orgonomist to make an early therapeutic intervention based on an accurate character diagnosis can help to prevent future tragedies.

Old-fashioned Liberalism Is Not The Answer To Arabic Racism

In his article, Egypt’s Prison of Hate (Wall Street Journal, January 4, 2011), Bret Stephens writes in response to the New  Year’s Eve massacre of a score of Coptic Christian worshipers in Alexandria, Egypt.  The political reaction of many Muslim leaders in that country blamed the attack on a Zionist plot backed by Israel.  Mr.Stephens recommends that Egyptians need old-fashioned liberalism, and in particular, disseminating an Arabic translation of the complete works of the liberal English philosopher, John Locke, starting with his “Letters Concerning Toleration.”

Unfortunately, old-fashioned liberalism has come and gone.  This solution ignores the crucial role played by people’s socio-political character structure in determining current social behavior.  Egyptians who are racist, and those leaders who defend atrocities such as this massacre, belong on the extreme right of the socio-political spectrum.  These Egyptians should not be lumped with the majority of people in that country who belong more to the political center and are therefore, non-violent.

Moreover, promoting liberal thinking does not get to the source of the enormous quantities of hatred locked deep in the character structure of all Muslim extremists.  This hatred is constantly seeking release in one form or another.  The source of this hatred is the desire for revenge that is displaced from their personal lives onto  jihad.  Liberal philosophy which originated from the most superficial layer of human structure, cannot contain the reservoir of hatred of these extremists.  Unless they are recognized and isolated from the rest of society, this scourge of destructive human behavior will continue to be out of control.

The Marijuana Problem

A sure fire indication that the emotional plague is in operation is that you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.  How this applies to the drug problem is that no matter whether or not marijuana is legalized, the decision has destructive consequences.  If the drug is not legalized, a huge black market is created with all of it’s potential criminal results.  If it is legalized, a message is sent to our youth that there is nothing wrong with it.  In the former case, society is functioning in an authoritarian manner and feeding the rebelliousness of our youth.  In the latter case, society is functioning in an anti-authoritarian manner and not providing the guidance that young people sorely need.

To add to the confusion, there is no general recognition regarding the highly destructive medical effects of marijuana. In fact, it is this destructiveness that is the very reason that makes it so popular and the drug of choice for many users. All adolescents and young adults who do not have a satisfying heterosexual life are miserable and angry in varying degrees because undischarged sexual energy regularly gives rise to these feelings.  This is a clinical fact that is known to all medical orgonomists.  Marijuana is highly effective in deadening the emotional life of the users and putting them out of their sexual misery.  Evasion of this essential fact keeps the marijuana problem from being rationally and effectively addressed.

The Courage For Finding A Cancer Cure

An article regarding a cure for cancer recently appeared in The Wall Street Journal ( “A Geneticist’s Cancer Crusade” November 27-28 2010).  In it,  geneticist James Watson, the co-discoverer of  DNA,  declared that “we should have the courage that we can do it.”  He adds a warning: “if we say we can’t do it, we will create an atmosphere where we just let the FDA  [Food and Drug Administration] keep testing going on so pitifully.”  Dr. Watson continues, “The FDA has so many regulations…They don’t want you to try a new thing if there is an old thing that might work.”

It is true that the FDA has placed a stranglehold on any cancer research that is outside of its mechanistic paradigm. This powerful federal agency is an undisguised manifestation of the emotional plague.  It operates autonomously without any check on its sphere of power.  It is also true, as Dr. Watson states, that courage is a necessary ingredient for finding a cancer cure.  But courage, in itself, is not enough.  Modern genetics is limited in its ability to be successful because it deals exclusively with genetic functions and only in a mechanistic, not functional, fashion.  What is missing is a way of thinking that provides an understanding of the origin of the cancer process which is an area that is outside the domain of mechanistic biology.

In his investigation of the cancer process, Wilhelm Reich, M.D. found that the disease is a true biopathy, that is, a pulsatory disturbance of the plasmatic system (which consists of the autonomic nervous system and the vascular system) resulting from the presence of armor (see glossary).  The cancer biopathy involves a particular type of disturbance in the emotional life of the individual.

There must first be correct, functional, understanding of the relationship between genetic (genotypic) and emotional (phenotypic) functions in general.  But this cannot happen until the operation of the emotional plague  in obstructing genuine cancer research is fully and courageously unmasked.  The FDA stopped Dr. Reich’s cancer research in the 1940s and it is interfering with functional cancer research today.  Only when the emotional plague is first exposed will it then be possible to unravel the cancer riddle.

Adolescent Homosexuality

Adolescent sexuality is one of the most anxiety-producing and confusing situations confronting parents today.  The combination of unexpressed misery, neurotic anger and rebelliousness  resulting from the adolescent’s intense sexual frustrations makes this a particularly difficult time for adolescent and parent alike.  The problem becomes compounded because of the following complicating factors:

1. Unrecognized and unresolved sexual and other problems in parents themselves.

2. The breakthrough of enormous quantities of anxiety in the younger generation resulting from the breakdown of the authoritarian family.

3. The sexual over-stimulation and unbridled economic exploitation of an already over-stimulated younger population by the media including, in particular, the entertainment industry.

4. The abundance of sexual misinformation that is being circulated as gospel: The general acceptance of every kind of neurotic (pre-genital) sexual activity and the evasion of any discussion of healthy, genital, heterosexual activity.

The confusion generated by this highly charged and volatile social state of affairs easily triggers the expression of all forms of the emotional plague.  In the case of adolescent homosexuality, the line becomes drawn between those who favor a laissez faire attitude and are willing to permit it and those who see it as a sign of emotional sickness and discourage it.

Unfortunately, both groups see the problem from a superficial, symptomatic perspective.  Even in our age of sexual enlightenment, neither group fully recognizes the particular importance of the role that the sexual function plays in regulating the healthy adolescent’s emotional life and this widespread ignorance and evasion of the essential directly gives rise to these contradictory and irreconcilable points of view.

If Liberalism Is Dead, It’s a Very Powerful Corpse

In The Wall Street Journal article (“Liberalism: An Autopsy,” op-ed, Dec. 4) R. Emmett Tyrrell states that there has been a slow but steady decline of liberalism since the end of the Second World War and that as a political movement liberalism is dead. It is true that the usefulness of liberalism as a social philosophy came to an end after it effectively destroyed the mystical hold that Christianity had on people’s lives.  But how are we to understand that today those on the political Left are more powerful than ever and that America is fighting for its life to not be destroyed by the forces of the political left?

The short answer to this question was addressed in an article that appears in the editorial section of this web-site entitled: “Where Have All the Communists Gone?”  It has to do with the almost complete infiltration of the Democratic Party by characterological communists that started in the 1960s.  Communists accomplished this coup brilliantly by identifying themselves as true liberals without giving up in any way their total adherence to their communist ideology:  In full view of everyone, they are desperately attempting through political activism to impose their leftist ideology on the American public and to turn America into a socialist state.

An understanding of socio-political character allows one to make sense of the contradiction posed by the title of this entry:  True liberals may be on the decline but , with the help of the leftist press, pseudo-liberal/communist extremists have become part of the mainstream left.

What accounts for the success of the extreme left? From a characterological standpoint, the American public’s natural sense of fairness regarding the beliefs of others interferes with their seeing leftist extremists for the criminals that they actually are.  As a result of this naive and dangerous attitude,  pseudo-liberal/communists have become legitimized as part of American politics and the critics of the extreme left are slowly becoming marginalized.

Are Muslims Integrating or Are They “Taking Over”?

Before this question can be satisfactorily answered, there must be a characterological understanding of the “cast of characters” taking part in the drama.  This is the study of socio-political characterology.

On the side of the Muslims, there are two groups, those belonging on the extreme right of the socio-political spectrum, who would like nothing better than to take over Western countries in the name of Allah.  There are other Muslims who belong on the political center; they are willing and able to adapt to Western ways of life and respect the law of their adopted land.  The former group believe that religious and secular laws are one and the same.  These Muslims are a threat to Western society, and  should be sent back to their country of origin.  The latter group believes that religion and government should be kept separate, and recognize and respect the rule of law.

On the side of the West there are also two groups.  For example, one group in England, on the extreme political left and including  government officials and law enforcement agents, believes that Shariah law should be applied to Muslims. Others, Conservatives,  want all people in the country, Muslim as well as natives, to follow the law of the land.

On both sides the central question is whether or not religious and secular law are kept separate.   Muslim integration becomes a social problem because Western Liberals are unwilling  to enforce the laws of their land. For them, laws are not absolute and can change depending on social conditions.  Muslim integration will remain controversial until characterological factors underlying people’s beliefs is understood and applied.

The Perils Of Multiculturalism

The stated reason for multiculturalism in America is that it is supposed to “celebrate cultural diversity”.   Attempts to teach blacks, Hispanics and Muslims to speak the language of society around them and dress accordingly are denounced by multiculturalists as “cultural imperialism”  if not outright “racism.”  However, the real reason behind multiculturism is that it effectively sets one group of people, who are supposedly disadvantaged, into an antagonistic relationship with the whole of society, thereby fragmenting America.  It also serves to prevent the chosen group from advancing socially and economically. Multiculturalism is socially divisive and the ideology of masked racists.  It is a political ploy that focuses on the cultural differences between people, thereby setting one group against the other.

From the standpoint of political characterology, people who support multiculturalism belong on the far left or far right of center.  Their common belief system can unite these people from both extremes and become a political force of the emotional plague.

Two Opposing Views Of Intrauterine Life

Sponsored by the American College of Orgonomy, medical orgonomist Theodota Chasapi, M.D. gave a presentation  on The Roots of Love and Hate, The impact of Early Mother-Baby Bonding on Our Ability to Love, at the Princeton Public Library on October 2, 2010.  She presented recent findings that confirmed many of the discoveries regarding newborns and infants made in the 1940’s and 50’s by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

Applying Reich’s clinical findings on infants, Dr.Chasapi discussed the period of life from the intrauterine through the neonatal period. Characterized by intense emotional liveliness and responsiveness of the fetus to mother, she showed   that this time was crucial in the future development of the human organism. For example, the various emotional states  that are experienced in the mother’s daily life such as pleasure and anxiety were often reflected in the identical  expressive movements (expansion and contraction) in the fetus. She reported that a healthy birth process is not simply the mechanical expulsion of the fetus from the mother’s womb but an active process in which both mother and fetus participate.  She demonstrated that the newborn is not helpless as is commonly believed, but is able to crawl up the mother’s belly and find the nipple.  Emphasizing the importance of maintaining emotional and physical contact between mother and newborn (orgonotic contact, Reich) during and following  birth, she stressed the need to prevent disruption of this contact by well-meaning adults, such as removing the infant for tests.

There is another view of intrauterine life which has recently appeared, one that on the surface seems identical but on closer examination is quite the contrary (see How the First Nine Months Shape the Rest of Your Life in Time Magazine , October 4, 2010).  Called Fetal Origins, it is the application of mechanistic/mysical principles to the study of fetal life where only physical, quantitive factors such as nutrition, pollutants, drugs and infections are considered the significant influences on healthy fetal development.  Since emotions are not correctly understood by mechanistic scientists, these factors are mentioned only as in passing.  Although the mechanical causes are real, the unrecognized emotional disturbances of the mother are the major causes of intrauterine fetal damage.  Focusing primarily on these  physical factors serves as an evasion of the emotional development of the infant.

Ahmadinejad’s Strategy

On September 24, in response to Iranian President Mahmoud Amadinijad’s anti-Israel, anti-American speech to the United Nations, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a talk to the same organization condemning  Mr. Amadinijad’s anti-Semitic rants. In that same speech Mr. Ahmadinejad stated that most people believe that the U.S. government committed the 9/11 attacks. What is to be made of his tirades?

They should not be dismissed as the rantings of a crackpot.  His comments must be taken seriously as part of a well-calculated strategy to undermine the world’s opposition to the Iranian government’s legitimacy.  The comments were designed as a blow to the free world both within and outside of Iran and it resulted in an immediate victory for the cause of militant Islam for the following reasons:

1) From the reaction of the members of the General Assembly, it provided him with valuable information about the strength of the world’s opposition to the Iranian regime’s internal and expansionist policies.  Out of the entire General Assembly membership of 192 countries, only diplomats from 30 countries walked out of his speech (less than one sixth).  By not walking out, in effect, the remaining five-sixths of the members went along with him.

2) It provided him with a forum to tell millions of Muslims all over the world who have no access to the truth what he wanted them to believe.

3) It provided him with an opportunity to intimidate those in the West who are fearful of aggression and show them that he is able to mock and show contempt for the most powerful nation in the world and get away with it.  From getting away with uttering outrageous statements to getting away with atrocious deeds such as building and using nuclear weapons is but a step.  Furthermore, his tactic promulgates the myth that the Islamic conquest of the Western world is inevitable.

4) From his authoritative position as president of  Iran, he succeeded in casting doubt in the minds of those who are always looking at America’s faults on the truth of who the perpetrators actually were in the 9/11 attack.

5) And lastly, creating doubt about the perpetrators also helps to weaken opposition to building a mosque near Ground Zero.

Can Muslim Societies Be Compatible With Democracy?

This important question cannot be answered without a working knowledge of sociopolitical characterology, the manner in which individuals mold their environment through their ideas and attitudes to fit their personal requirements.

Because of their strict authoritarian upbringing, most Muslims belong on varying degrees on the right of the sociopolitical spectrum beginning with the conservative Muslim to the immediate right of center, followed by the extreme conservative, the reactionary, and finally the Islamo-fascist. As we proceed from the right of center to the extreme right, the Muslim individual’s social functioning becomes increasingly irrational. His thinking and social behavior becomes more rigid and destructive, helplessness and irresponsibility increases, and his work and sexual functioning becomes more disturbed. As a result his ability to assimilate into Western society suffers. The Islamo-fascist on the extreme right is totally intolerant of Western democratic life and this is why he is driven to destroy it.

These characterological distinctions between different sociopolitical types of Muslim must be understood before attempting to answer the question. This subject is discussed in my book, The Emotional Plague: The Root of Human Evil.

Building Cordoba House Is An Example Of An Emotional Plague Reaction

In his section on the emotional plague in Character Analysis, Wilhelm Reich writes:

“It is an essential characteristic of the emotional plague reaction (see glossary) that action and the reason given for it are never congruent. The real motive is always covered up and replaced by a seeming motive.”

The real motive for building Cordoba House near Ground Zero is to show the world that by building a mosque there, Islam has dealt a major blow to America.  The action is a gross provocation and an insult to America.  The seeming motive given by Muslims promoting the project is “freedom of religion.”

This tactic of the Islamists is socially destructive  and an emotional plague reaction because it has successfully divided conservative and liberal Americans along characterologically based ideological lines. While conservatives can see right through the destructiveness of the Islamist’s tactics, liberals are completely hoodwinked by it. The liberals confuse the Islamist’s seeking power over the Western way of life with religious faith. By doing so, the Islamists have succeeded in getting Americans to fight each other thereby weakening the nation from within and bringing them closer to their goal of world domination.

The Tea Party Movement And The Emotional Plague

Since the emotional plague  (see glossary) is concentrated around centers of power, politics is a breeding ground for the plague and  plague-ridden individuals are attracted to politics to get power over the masses. Therefore, the emotional plague is not restricted to the Democrat or the Republican Party but to individuals making up the party machines in both Party’s.

Consisting of individual’s who are opposed to the encroachment of government into people’s lives, the Tea Party organized spontaneously from people nationwide who are fed up with big government controlling their lives through raising taxes. They are opposed to the idea that government can fix social and economic problems.

Although correct in its viewpoint, the Tea Party leaves itself open to attack by the political Left because the social and economic problems facing America that liberals falsely claim to be able to fix are real and require attention.  Therefore, when they are elected, people will look to Tea Party candidates for answers.  However, no political organization or group, whether on the political Left or Right, can supply satisfactory solutions to them because the answers lie outside the political realm.

They belong in the biological realm and have to do with people’s emotional sickness manifested in the social realm such as helplessness, a sense of entitlement, resentment, greed, a desire for power and so on. Unfortunately, the pathological impact that these symptoms have on the health of society is completely overlooked by everyone. What will invariably happen is that the Tea Party platform will become politicized and adopted by the party machine on political right. This is the kiss of death for any life-positive social movement. When the Tea Party candidates fail to live up to people’s expectations, the operation of the  emotional plague will be set in motion as each side blames the other for the worsening situation.  As happens every time a new great social movement fails, nothing will have been learned.

One Man’s Experience with America’s Health Care

On June 21st I had bi-lateral knee replacement surgery.  It was a long time coming, despite the fact that I refused to admit it until the end when I really had no choice…do it or forget about walking.

Those who are familiar with my thinking know that, in general, I am not in favor of mechanistic medicine when it replaces functional medicine. But surgery is essentially a mechanical procedure and mechanism is therefore rational in that field.

The application of mechanistic principles has resulted in remarkable advances in the medical specialties in America for two reasons: 1) Because mechanistic thinking and practice develops in the direction of greater specialization and 2) Because a relatively free market economy such as ours allows for the development of unlimited technological advances.

I made the appointment, had the surgery and 2 days post-op I took my first tentative steps.  I was incredibly fortunate to have a surgeon, Dr. Thomas Meade, that performed the most state-of-the-art surgery possible.  The skin covering my knees looked like they had zippers on them because the staples were placed so close together that they looked like the teeth of a zipper, apparently distinctive enough so that every doctor and nurse  in the rehab hospital I went to afterward said, “Oh, this is Dr. Meade’s work!”  I was also fortunate to be in hospitals that provided the highest level of compassionate, human and humane care one could ask for.

Everyone asked me about the pain…but there was none.  From the first day, my only discomfort was from the swelling which resulted in stiffness and limited motion. Now 10 weeks later, the zippers are gone, the swelling has almost disappeared and I walk at least one mile a day, at a pretty good clip.  After six weeks I was discharged from physical therapy and now am back to almost full-time practice.  I was 79 on July 20th, and tell everyone I got new knees for my birthday!

I read about the health care in Cuba, and I wonder what my story would be like there.  I saw the hospital bill for my eight day stay, and almost fainted.  I didn’t pay for it directly…Medicare and my secondary insurance did, though I’ve been paying my dues for many, many years.  (And still do, because I continue to work and pay the maximum into the Medicare fund, as well as paying for private supplemental insurance.)  But I’m so grateful to be living in a place that has the best health care imaginable…I haven’t heard of anyone going to Cuba, Bulgaria, or even Great Britain for that matter,  for a special surgical/medical procedure.

So all in all, I’m  pretty lucky…to be living at this time, in this place…this great United States of America.

Today’s Public Sentiment: Neither Left Nor Right

A rally organized by conservative TV personality, Glenn Beck, brought out hundreds of thousands of people in response to the disenchantment that many Americans feel about the current Obama adminstration.  Many people who were interviewed expressed dissatisfaction not only with the Democrats but also with traditional leadership as it is today, saying GOP candidates should not take their vote for granted.  The three-hour program featured religious and patriotic speeches, but offered few details on how to fix the country’s problems.

People are dissatisfied with political solutions but are at a loss to have something  to replace them with.  This is because there are no social or political solutions to the problems that America is faced with.  The  conflicts between the Left and the Right are themselves symptomatic of major biological differences in the ways people think and function. These differences , therefore, cannot be addressed through politics.  Since politics is not the answer, the most that we can hope for is that people vote for the less destructive candidate.  It is not a matter of a “bad” versus a “good” candidate.  It is a matter of a candidate that does the least amount of harm by voting against legislation for political solutions to social problems.

The dilemma that currently faces America is that because of the extreme left-leaning infiltration of all branches of the federal government, the political center has shifted far to the left.  This must be stopped and reversed if America as it has existed for 200 years  is to survive.  The federal government must be directed by the electorate to stay out of the business of trying to solve social problems since this is not its function.  From this perspective the future choice of the best candidate is clear.   He or she must be someone who opposes the leftist policies of know-nothing politicians that are currently directing America’s descent into socialism.  That in itself would be a monumental accomplishment for any political party.  To expect anything more from anyone in government would be a pipe dream resulting in the endless shift between political alternatives proposed by the Left and the Right.  The Left keeps coming up with the same outworn socialist nostrums and the Right keeps opposing them with its “tried and true” programs.  And so the cycle goes on and on, leading to further public disenchantment with politicians.

The Problem: It’s Not Power, It’s People

People look for political solutions to social problems when the answers are not in the political but in the biological realm.  In the August 18, 2010 issue of  The Wall Street Journal, Ralph Nader focuses on the concentration and abuses of corporate power supplemented by state power that is overtaking American society.  He states that the public has lost faith in both major parties and believes that America is heading in the wrong direction.  He suggests that it may be time for a political alliance between progressives on the left and libertarians on the right because they share the same deep aversion to concentrated power of any kind.

Power can be used constructively or destructively.  Therefore, it is not power itself,  but the way power is used by armored  humans (see glossary) that is the culprit.  Focusing on concentrations of power and not on power-hungry humans, is really an avoidance of looking at how certain armored peoples use of power over others is a manifestation of the emotional plague. Seeking a high level political or corporate position does not mean that one is a carrier of the emotional plague. It is the character structure of the individual that is the critical factor.

My book, The Emotional Plague: The Root of Human Evil, shows that, because of his particular  kind of armored structure which is a biological condition, the plague-ridden individual must control the lives of others by have power over them.  These highly energetic but emotionally sick people are largely the ones causing  all the economic trouble. Incapable of genuine, productive work, they are the ones who are driven to seek lucrative and strategic positions in big corporations, the government, and in religious and union organizations.  They succeed in getting elected for the sole purpose of wielding power and control over others lives.

Unless the emotional plague is recognized and treated as the most important destructive, endemic disease of armored humans, social conditions will continue to worsen.

A Same-sex Relationship Is A Partnership, Not A Marriage

Homosexual relationships can be legally recognized as partnerships without using the term “marriage” and all that it has implied for thousands of years in human history.

Marriage is a bio-social institution based on different biological functions of men and women, the most important of which is procreation, the perpetuation of the human race.  A partnership is a more superficial relationship than a marriage since it originates not from the biological realm but from the social realm. It is a social institution with already existing legal rights that can take place between any two humans regardless of their gender. The  legal advantages that heterosexual relationships now posses in the institution of marriage can extend to all individuals and therefore, there is no legitimate reason to legalize “gay marriages.”  Measures to legalize same-sex relationships function to obfuscate the crucial distinction between a partnership and a marriage. They can and will be used by some people to develop into an expression of the emotional plague (see glossary).

A New Particle Accelerator-An Unrealistic Expectation

Mechanistic Scientists like to build things bigger and bigger with the idea that bigger is better. One of their latest projects is the construction of the largest science machine ever built, the Large Hadron Collider, a gigantic doughnut17 miles in circumference at a cost of 10 billion eoros that is expected to unlock many of the secrets of the universe including the instant of its birth and an understanding the fundamental forces that govern it.

The LHC is unlikely to unlock the secrets of  the universe because the idea is based on some highly questionable assumptions. First, that elemental matter constitutes the ultimate  unit of the universe and second that all matter in the universe was created in a single event, the Big Bang.

There is much evidence indicating that the exact opposite is true, that 1) matter is not the basic constituent of the universe and 2) that matter is being created continually in the center of active galactic nuclei and quasars. This evidence is regularly ignored by establishment scientists because it does not conform with their mechanistic-materialistic view of the universe. Ignoring this observational evidence also supports their mystical hope that the LHC will answer some of the deepest questions facing cosmologists and legitimizes their faith in the mechanist-mystical view of the world, a powerful defense in the service of  not seeing the world as it actually is.

Armor Interferes With Musical Expression

Before I became interested in medicine, I was a violinist trying to master the technical difficulties of the instrument. Despite having studied with the finest teacher there was something missing that had a powerful and negative effect on my playing.  This something was also present in other students I knew.  Then, when I came across Character Analysis by Wilhelm Reich, this missing factor became immediately clear.

Reich wrote: “It is from the plasmatic emotions of the chest that most emotional expressive movements of the arms and hands originate.  These lmbs are, biophysically speaking, extensions of the chest segment. In the artist who is capable of freely developing his longings, the emotion of the chest is directly extended into identical emotions and expressive movements of the arms and hands.  This is true for the violinist and pianist as well as the painter.”

I understood that in the presence of armor, emotional energy from the chest that enables reaching out (toward the world), particularly longing, cannot move freely into the arms and hands to find its musical expression. This was the missing something.  Although I had achieved technical correctness, I saw that as long as armor was present in my chest, technical expertise in and of itself would not allow full expression of the music’s emotion.

With these ideas in mind, I entered therapy with a medical orgonomist.  As armor (see glossary) was systematically removed in therapy, my playing improved dramatically and I became so impressed with the power of medical orgonomy that I lost interest in pursuing a musical career.  I decided to become a physician so that I could study and practice the science of medical orgonomy.

The cellist, Yo-Yo Ma is aware of the effect of muscular tension on the quality of his playing.  In a July 29, 2010  interview in The Wall Street Journal he said: “With every year of playing, you want to relax one more muscle.  Why? Because the more tense you are, the less you can hear.  So the more you can collect that energy and be unblocked and be totally present, the more you can say, ‘I’m here because I really want to be: there’s no other place I’d rather be’ and if you really mean it that’s not bad.”

Without recognizing the existence of muscular armor, Mr. Ma is also well aware of the  destructive effects of muscle tension on musical expression.

The Federal Government’s Far-reaching Changes Of Financial Regulations

In response to the 2oo8 economic crisis, Congress has taken steps toward the most extensive remapping of financial regulation since the 1930s.  Among other things, the bill gives regulators power to constrain the activities of banks and if these buffers don’t work, the government would have power to seize and liquidate a failing company that poses a threat to the broader economy.

This knee-jerk response of politicians to the current economic crisis was entirely predictable. Having no understanding of its underlying causes, their symptomatic approach was to institute another layer of regulations on an already over-regulated economy.  When self-regulation of the free market economy on the local, private level breaks down, compulsive regulation on the Federal level must take over bringing with it another layer of economic armor in the form of greater regulation.

The real source of the crisis lies outside the province of politicians. It has to do with the pathological, destructive  behavior of ordinary armored human beings manifested as greed, irresponsibility, feelings of entitlement and corrupt business transactions bordering on quasi-criminal activities that are expressed on a daily basis in the economic realm. Unless this manifestation of the emotional plague is recognized and addressed, this endless cycle of sick economic behavior of armored people followed by more governmental control will continue and take its toll on people’s economic and personal lives.

Why Pseudo-Liberals Need To Allow A Mosque To Be Built Next To Ground Zero

It is easy to understand why Islamists want to build a mosque near Ground Zero. But why do American Leftists want a mosque there? To understand how  pseudo-liberals can allow a mosque to be constructed next to Ground Zero it is necessary to know the differences in the bio-physical structure between Islamic fanatics and  pseudo-liberals. The Islamists are in a holy war dedicated to the destruction of the Western World. They are driven by distorted impulses from their biological core that pass through the destructive middle layer and are expressed  at the surface.

Pseudo-liberals like Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama, on the other hand, live entirely in the superficial layer and use their intellectual faculties to defend themselves from awareness of their own and others destructive impulses. Moreover, they are completely out of touch with the biological core and, therefore,  cannot see that there is a religious war going on.  For them, Islamist terrorists are simply criminals, not religious fanatics. Nor can they see that allowing a mosque to be built next to Ground Zero represents a major victory to the perpetrators of the September 11, attack: a mosque is being built on American  land that was destroyed by Islam in the holy war.

Since there is no objective benefit to them, the question is what personal satisfaction do liberals get from the building of a mosque next to Ground Zero? Construction of the mosque at that site provides liberals with a pathological feeling of self worth. Liberals have enormous amounts of unconscious guilt that requires expiation on a daily basis. This is done by getting involved in political causes. Forgiving the terrorists for their crime of September 11, 2001 by making a political statement in favor of the mosque not only atones them of their personal guilt but it also places them on a higher moral plane not only in relation to the perpetrators but also in relation to all those Americans who are “opposed to the project because they are prejudiced against Muslims”.

The Breakdown of the Authoritarian Social Order

Some of the most important events in history have happened without anyone taking notice of them. One such example was the abrupt transformation and degradation of American society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian that occurred around the middle of the 20th century, an event that has had catastrophic effects on Western Society..

There is a fundamental difference in the way that the transformation is regarded by people who belong on the political Left and the Right.  While those on the Left have no sense at all of what has happened, those on the Right are aware of bits and pieces of it such as the breakdown of the traditional family, the rise in human destructiveness in all areas of social life and so on, but are unable to have a comprehensive picture of it and why it occurred.  Their typical response is to decry what has happened and to pine for “the good old days” when authorities existed and the authoritarian order was intact.  A good example is the article, “Youth Has Outlived Its Usefulness” by Peggy Noonan in the July 17-18 edition of The Wall Street Journal, in which the author laments the fact that there no longer exist elder statesmen in today’s world to advise and guide the inexperienced, young politicians on the political stage today on how to govern.

What Ms. Noonan does not recognize is that we live in an anti-authoritarian social order.  As a result, the traditional role of males, especially older males, as authority figures worthy of respect, trust and loyalty has been completely thrown by the wayside.  It has been replaced by the glorification and blind faith in the powers of youth to save the world.  The biologically-based psychological origins of these social events are discussed in my forthcoming book, Neither Left Nor Right.

The Great Health Care Debate Evasion

It is characteristic of the way armored people think that they always avoid the essential.  The health care debate is a good  example.  In this debate, people argue about all kinds of secondary issues such as the high cost of Obamacare, the socialization of medical practice and so on, while ignoring what made the problem come about in the first place: the mechanization of the practice of medicine and, with it, the qualitative destruction of the doctor-patient relationship.

With the tremendous technological advances in medical practice brought about by mechanistic science, the practice of medicine itself became mechanized.  Accompanying these advances, medical education turned from being a natural science to a branch of mechanistic science.  These developments eventually brought about the destruction of the traditional doctor-patient relationship which is the cornerstone of medical practice.  Unless these facts are recognized and addressed as the primary problem in health care today, there can be no hope of ever arriving at a rational, in contrast to the inevitable mechanistic-socialistic, solution to the crisis in medicine.

Except for a few areas of medical practice where mechanistic interventions are rational and indicated, there have to be fundamental, qualitative changes in the way physicians think about life and the disease processes other than viewing the human body as some sort of machine.  This new approach has the potential of providing an understanding of many diseases of unknown origin such as cancer and heart disease and by so doing,  lowering the suffering and the tax burden on the general population.  To prevent the indoctrination of would-be physicians in the mechanistic paradigm, these changes have to be instituted at the very beginning of the  medical school curriculum.  An example of such a non-mechanistic, functional approach is the training program in medical orgone therapy for qualified physicians, offered by the American College of Orgonomy.

Politics Is Not The Solution To Social Problems

In her article, “The Town Hall Revolt, One Year Later” (July 10-11 issue of The Wall Street Journal), Peggy Noonan writes about the increasing public resistance to the social and economic policies of the Obama administration as expressed in the town hall revolts throughout the nation.  She correctly concludes that just because the public is dissatisfied with the policies of the political Left, it does not mean that the political Right is worthy of a possible election-day victory in November 2010.

However, the answer she provides is still within the framework of political solutions when she asks, are Republicans capable of having serious and open debate?  Like all those whether on the political Left and Right, she is unable to step outside of this rationalistic paradigm. What is typically missing in this approach is any understanding of the underlying, biologically determined, differences in the ways that people think, which stand in the way of their arriving at genuinely constructive answers to social and economic problems.  What is also missing is an understanding of the operation of the emotional plague that is certain to step in and add to the destructiveness. This being the case, the failure of the political Right, when it is their turn to be victorious in November 2010, is a foregone conclusion.

And so it goes from Left to Right and back again. Nothing is learned from past mistakes and American society is in a worse state than it was before. This is the subject matter of my forthcoming book, Neither Left Nor Right.

The Islamic-Nazi Connection

In his recent book, The Flight of the Intellectuals,Paul Berman  argues that Islamism is a modern, instead of an ancient political tendency, which arose in a spirit of fraternal harmony with the fascists in Europe in the 1930s and ’40s, and that Nazi inspirations have visibly taken root among present-day Islamists.  He further states that reviews in Foreign Affairs, the National Interest and the New Yorker have all denied that there is an alliance between radical Muslim groups and Naziism.

Mr. Berman’s understanding of the relationship between Islamism and Naziism, as well as the harsh resistance his  book has received in the liberal press would have been greatly simplified if he had knowledge of socio-political characterology which tells us that an individual’s character is the primary determinant in social behavior.  Both radical Islamists and Nazi’s are emotional plague characters belonging on the extreme right of the socio-political spectrum and they are therefore politically attracted to each other.  Liberal columnists and writers function exclusively from the superficial layer of their character structure.  They are incapable of recognizing the common bond that Islamists and Nazis have with each other because they are not in touch with their own biological depths.  All attempts at convincing them of the close relationship and the destructiveness resulting from the association of the two groups must thus fall on deaf ears.  These subjects are covered in my book, The Emotional Plague, The Root of Human Evil.

The Distinction Between The True Liberal And The Pseudo-liberal

The  true liberal and the pseudo-liberal can be differentiated by providing an example comparing Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman, a true liberal, and President Barack Obama, a pseudo-liberal.  Both belong to the same Democratic Party and both espouse liberal ideals, but there is a vast fundamental, characterologically-based difference in the political beliefs of the two men.  Where Mr. Lieberman is pro-American, Mr Obama is an internationalist.  Where Mr. Lieberman supports nations friendly to America,  Mr. Obama sides with America’s enemies.  Where Mr. Lieberman supports traditional authorities, Mr. Obama seems to respect authority but in practice behaves destructively against local authority,  is anti-authoritarian in every area of social life and favors centralized authority.  Where Mr. Lieberman is egalitarian, Mr. Obama is an intellectual elitist. Where Mr. Lieberman supports democratic ideals, Mr. Obama is a collectivist and supports socialistic ideals.  Where Mr. Lieberman is a political idealist, Mr. Obama is a political activist.

How can two people with such dissimilar ideas belong to the same political party?  This important question is discussed and answered in my forthcoming book, Neither Left Nor Right. Also read my editorial in the Journal of Orgonomy,Volume 43, number 1 published on this website.

Socio-political Character Structure Determines Ideological Thinking

In his Obama’s Foreign Policy Success article  (The Wall Street Journal, June 14, 2010), James Rubin writes that “the Obama administration has restored strained alliances and friendships around the world, while weakening the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran and Hugo Chavis in Venezuala…with [Obama’s] call for partnership, respect for international rules on prisoners, and acceptance of the responsibilities associated with climate change, transformed America from a lonely superpower often seen as a threat to international order back into an  indespensable leader in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.”

The responses to Mr Rubin’s article in the Letters To The Editor column with the heading We Can’t Afford Too Many Successes Like These, unanimously disagreed with his assessment of  President Obama’s performance.

Why do people on the political Left and Right view the same reality completely differently?  Without a satisfactory answer to this question there can be no hope of a resolution to the perpetual ideological conflicts between the Left and Right.  In my forthcoming book, Neither Left Nor Right, I provide clinical and experimental evidence showing that with an understanding of a person’s character armor (see glossary) it is possible to predict how an individual will function in social and in political life.  Armed with this knowledge it would have been possible to recognize Mr. Obama as a pseudo-liberal character and to be able to predict his destructive ideological thinking long before he was elected to public office.

Understanding the Goal of President Obama’s Policies

To understand the purpose of a person’s actions one must look at their consequences, or effects.  The effects of Mr. Obama’s domestic policies are to weaken America’s economy. The effects of his international policies are to embolden America’s adversaries and to unnerve its allies and therefore to weaken its preeminence as a world leader. This will increase  the risk of international conflict which will drain America’s power even more.

A weakened America will bring Mr. Obama closer to his ultimate desired goal, to render this country equal in stature to every other country in the world and place it under the control of the United Nations.  This unstated goal of Mr. Obama is identical to the stated goal of old-time communists – international communism under the control of the Soviet Union. This is another example showing that  Mr. Obama is not a liberal at all but a pseudo-liberal, and that he and the communist are one and the same from a characterological point of view. His entry into the mainstream of the American Left and identify as a true liberal allows him free reign to carry out his destructive socio-political agenda.

Turkey’s Shift to the Political Right and the Emotional Plague

Of all the reasons given for the slide in Turkish politics from secularism into Islamism there is no mention of the characterological forces that are operating within the Turkish people to the current world situation. From a characterological standpoint Turks generally belong to the Right of the socio-political spectrum and most Turks are conservative characters in different degrees. Because of their conservative structure, they are uncomfortable with social conditions resulting from the shift to the extreme Left in Western countries. It is only natural for any people with a conservative structure even those living in Western countries to move to the political Right under these social conditions.

Unfortunately, this situation provides the emotional plague to enter and take advantage of what is happening. The Prime Miniser of Turkey, Tayyip Ergodan is fully aware of the opportunity that this situation provides for advancing his political power over the nation and the world by fomenting trouble between Islamc countries and the West.

The Arab-Israeli Conflict And The Emotional Plague

There are only two possible outcomes to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Either Israel will survive as a democratic nation in the Middle East, in which case the Arab states will eventually be transformed into Western-style democracies, or Israel will be destroyed, in which case the reactionary Arab autocracies will continue into the indefinite future.

The forces of the emotional plague employed by Islamic jihad are constantly at work to bring about the destruction of Israel.  One of the characteristics of the emotional plague is that no matter what course of action is taken in response to a plague attack, the victim is in the wrong.  The latest example of this plague tactic happened when Israeli commandos boarded a ship containing arms and pro-Palestinian activists headed to the blockaded Gaza strip.  This action resulted in nine Palestinians dead.

The alleged reason for the flotilla was billed as a “humanitarian” mission.  The real reason was the importation of military equipment to arm Hamas, a terrorist organization that is dedicated to the eradication of Israel. From Israel’s vantage point the interception of the flotilla by the commandos was a no-win situation. Allow safe passage to the ships and the cargo would be used to supply Hamas, creating a future channel through which Hamas could be supplied with ever-more advanced weaponry.  Or, prevent the ships from reaching their destination and risk international condemnation. This is exactly what happened.  Israeli’s action evoked harsh criticism of Israel from the entire world.

This incident is a clear example of the emotional plague in operation, directed against Israel by Islamic terrorist organizations.  The free world is completely helpless  to effectively fight this battle because the existence and operation of the emotional plague goes unacknowledged.  If this situation continues, there are only two possible outcomes: Either Israel will be destroyed by the Islamic fanatics or the world will see another outbreak of a major war.

The Loss of Confidence of American Voters

There has been a loss of public confidence in American institutions such as Big Business, Banks, Congress, the Supreme Court including the government according to a May 25 2010 article in The Wall Street Journal entitled Voters Faith Deficit Widens.

The underlying reason for this turn of events cannot be satisfactorily understood without knowing the operation of the emotional plague and socio-politics (see glossary).  Around 1960 there was a transformation in the form of American society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian.  This was accompanied by the breakthrough of enormous quantities of destructive impulses in the younger generation – expressions of the emotional plague – first manifested as hatred of all authority figures and later, when these young people grew up and became adults, as impulsive or psychopathic behavior. Some of these people became the union bosses, CEO’S of large corporations, politicians, bankers that today populate positions of influence. We know that emotional plague-ridden  individuals are attracted to centers of power because of their need to exert control of people.  The anti-authoritarian transformation of society allowed the emotional plague in the form of psychopathic behavior to spread easily throughout institutions of power. This resulted in the widespread corruption of these organizations followed by people’s loss of trust in them that we are seeing. This subject is covered in my upcoming book, Neither Left Nor Right.

The Emotional Plague Thrives On Being Hidden

A front page article in the May 18, 2010 issue of The Wall Street Journal shows a photograph of Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvia, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinajad and Turkish Prime Minister Recap Tayyip Erdogan smiling in a group hug to celebrate a nuclear-fuel exchange deal between Iran and Brazil.  The alleged reason given for the move is to “build peace and development with dialogue.” The real reason is to gather political support from other nations to block Americam led U.N. sanctions against Iran in its effort to build a nuclear arsenal.

This is a classic example of the emotional plague in action…the alleged reason given for an act and the true reason are never the same. However, without knowledge of the existence and operation of the emotional plague, the free world is completely at a loss to prevent its destructiveness. The problem is that by remaining hidden from human awareness this pestilence is wrecking its havoc on society. The reason that the disease remains hidden is discussed in my book on the emotional plague.

What Is Happening to Turkey?

Of all the reasons given in Bret Stephens article in The Wall Street Journal (“What Is Happening to Turkey? May 11.2010)  for current events in that country, no mention is made of the single most important determinant of human social behavior: people’s socio-political character structure (see section on socio-political characterology in my book The Emotional Plague: The Root of All Evil).  The political center in Turkey is somewhere to the right of center and the socio-political character structure of most Turkish people belongs on the right and is conservative in varying degrees.

In contrast, the political center in America has, especially since the Obama election, shifted to the far left.  To most Turks who do not have first hand knowledge of the current situation in this country, America appears to be dominated by and driven by the far left.  This view of America makes most Turks anxious and uncomfortable with America and her ally, Israel (America’s favorability rating among Turks is at around 14%) and they prefer to gravitate toward other Moslem “brothers” on the far Right such as Syria.

Without giving serious consideration to the characterological factors driving human behavior, all attempts at arriving at a complete understanding of socio-politics, such as the current deterioration  in the relationship between America and the Turkish people, must remain speculative.

The Emotional Dynamics Between Islamo-Fascists and Western Liberals

Any experienced psychiatrist can predict what will happen in an interaction between two people in which one has sadistic tendencies and the other has masochistic tendencies: the sadistic individual will behave in an aggressively destructive manner toward the masochistic individual. Any well trained social psychologist can predict what will happen between two groups in which one group has sadistic tendencies and the other has masochistic tendencies: the sadistic group will behave in an aggressively destructive manner toward the masochistic group.

This is exactly the situation that exists between a blood-thirsty group – the sadistic Islamo-fascists –  and the masochistic  “peace loving” Western liberals. The Islamic terrorists are preaching jihad against the West and President Obama is not even able to use the term Islamo-fascist or acknowledge that America is actually involved in a war with them.

As they are encroaching on the Western world with their rhetoric of hate, liberals are behaving in helpless, passive retreat on all fronts. According to one jihadist, “Jihad is becoming as American as apple pie and as British as afternoon tea”. The passive response of Western liberals emboldens Islamo-fascists to react ever more violently toward their victim.

This sadomasochistic relationship between Islamo-fascists and Western liberals, if allowed to continue, is a highly dangerous situation that will have dire consequences not only for the West but for the entire world. The subject is discussed in chapter VII of my upcoming book, Neither Left nor Right.

The Socio-Political Red-Shift

The red-shift refers to the shift of the spectral lines of stars to the red end of the spectrum. The sociopolitical red-shift refers to the shift of the political mainstream to the extreme left of center. Ideas and actions that were considered mainstream in political thinking only fifty years ago are now viewed as the ravings of a right wing extremist. Consider the following statements made recently by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd as an example:
“Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told to get out of Australia, as the government targeted radicles in a bid to head off potential terror attacks…’IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT…TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali, we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians. This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trails and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom. We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society, learn the language!…We will accept your beliefs and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us. This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, Our Way of LIFE. I highly encourage ypu to take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, ‘THE RIGHT TO LEAVE.’ If you are not happy here then LEAVE. We did not force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted.”
The sociopolitical red-shift is discussed in my book, The Emotional Plague:The Root of All Evil.

We Should All Calm Down About Politics

In his May 4, 2010  New York Times Op-Ed Column entitled The Limits of Policy, David Brooks concludes that we should all calm down about the importance of politics in our lives. Most of the proposals we argue about so ferociously will have only marginal effects on how we live…What matters are historical experiences, cultural attitudes, child-rearing practices, family formation patterns, expectations about the future, work ethics and the quality of social bonds.

Although Mr. Brooks is correct that politics is not the answer, the following questions remain unanswered: Why do so many people persist in holding on to politics for solutions and why does practically every social issue turn into a political battle between the Left and the Right ? These are some of the questions that my upcoming book, Neither Left nor Right addresses. The answer, in part, is that throughout the ages people have always looked outward to external sources for answers to their individual and social problems blaming this or that group or institution. In the past people looked to religion. Today, many people have given up religion and have turned to politics. The Left blames the Right and the Right blames the Left. Neither Left nor Right explains that the presence of human armor (see glossary) operating within people prevents them from seeing that many of the problems that people are faced with in their lives are the result not of external but of internal forces operating within them.

The Failure of Modern Psychiatry

There are an increasing number of psychiatrists who are becoming dissatisfied with the symptom-based direction that present-day psychiatry has taken. An example is to be found in an article written in the April 19, 2010 Magazine section of the New York Times, in which the author, a practicing psychiatrist, states that no longer are psychiatrists interested in understanding the patient’s emotional problem. In knee-jerk fashion they fit the patient into one of many symptom-based diagnostic categories and promptly find the appropriate medication that is supposed to suppress it. In this process the patient and his emotional life are completely ignored. There is no recognition of a satisfactory explanation as to why this degradation in psychiatric practice has taken place. This is because Wilhelm Reich’s contributions to psychiatry have been consistently ignored by the psychiatric establishment. Careful examination of his discoveries by any serious student of psychiatry will show that his discoveries, which include the physical energy that governs all biological functions  (biological orgone energy), the existence of energy blocks, human armor, that impedes its flow resulting in mental and physical illnesses and the orgasm function that regulates the biological energy economy of the organism, provide the solution that was required to place psychiatry on a natural scientific foundation. Without this in-depth understanding of these crucial biological functions it was only a matter of time before psychiatry would degenerate into the present state that it is in today.

What Rush Limbaugh Needs to Know

This week, Rush Limbaugh had an article in The Wall Street Journal in which he defended himself against attacks by the political Left of promoting violence. The Left is able to accuse those who oppose their socialist agenda of playing the “violence card” of “right wing extremism” by not making a distinction between natural, healthy aggression and sick, neurotic aggression.

They also confuse all forms of emotional expression as pathological, so that they can place “reason” above it, thus legitimizing their defensive intellectualism in pursuing their political ends.

It must be recognized by everyone that generating confusion and stirring up political agitation is a favorite tactic of the emotional plague used by leftist ideologues. To learn more, see my book, The Emotional Plague, The Root of All Evil.

The Origin of the Conflict Between Left and Right

The conflict between the Left and the Right originates from the basic contradiction in the structure of all armored (see glossary) humans: the longing for freedom on the one hand and the fear of freedom on the other. The ideology of the true liberal is determined by and is an expression of the underlying human hope for the promise of freedom, happiness and a desire for social improvement while the ideology of the true conservative is determined by a belief that these desired states of being if not realistic are, at the very least, not practically attainable beyond what people in America actually have. Thus, the ideology of the liberal is far more popular and attractive to the majority of people and why left of center presidents such as Wilson, Kennedy and Obama have always enjoyed so much appeal.The condition of human armor is the source of people’s problems and no kind of political activism can remedy that.

Why Brain Training Exercises Do Not Work.

A recent article published in the journal Nature found no evidence that training people to perform mental tasks improved cognitive functioning. The studies are based on the false premise that the source of mental activity is exclusively in the brain. This premise is not based on clinical observation which finds that the source of mental activity originates not only from the brain but from sensory and emotional input from the entire body.This is why performing computer-based brain training exercises do not work. In fact, it has been clinically demonstrated that when emotional blocks (armor) are removed through medical orgone therapy the patient’s emotional and cognitive functioning often improves dramatically.

Is there anything wrong with giving pacifiers to children?

Yes. Pacifiers provide substitute contact and are often used in a contactless, mechanical way (the current “fashion”) and/or to keep children quiet. They interfere with the child’s ability to learn how to regulate oral needs, leaving a chronic sense of oral dissatisfaction. This may contribute significantly to laying the foundation for eating disorders and possibly obesity in later life.

The practice of providing substitute contact often continues in older children. Like pacifiers, television and video and computer games become substitutes for normal play, activities which are necessary for the child’s overall development, especially the work function.

Perhaps if parents were in better contact with their children, pacifiers would not be necessary.

Is there a deep-rooted need in humans, especially males, to be violent?

There is no deep-rooted, intrinsic need in humans, male or female, to be violent. The origin of violent behavior is found in early infantile and childhood development when natural emotional needs, which are benign and non-destructive, are not met and are instead chronically frustrated and thwarted by people in the environment, especially the parents. The reaching out, the emotions of the infant and child, turn into rage which manifests as disordered behavior and violence. Although the form of violence is often different in men and women, the violence of males is typically physical whereas the violence of females is typically emotional, the destructive effect is the same.

Children whose emotional needs are met during their development, from birth through adolescence, will not become violence-prone no matter how much violence they are exposed to. Conversely, children whose emotional needs are frustrated during their development will always be prone to destructive behavior in one form or another, even if they have never been exposed to violent scenes in the media. Their destructive behavior will be passed on to their own offspring through the same kind of emotional abuse that was visited upon them. This is how human destructiveness perpetuates itself from generation to generation.

This material is discussed in detail in my book The Emotional Plague: The Root of Human Evil.

Can shows like “Hannah Montana” be a bad influence on younger children?

A lot of moms do not allow their kids to watch, for example, “Hannah Montana” or “High School Musical” or see “Spider Man” or “Harry Potter” because they feel they condone violence/bad values (such as talking back to your parents, lying, cheating, etc.). Can watching these shows/movies be a bad influence on younger children (under 10) and hurt their development and play a factor in how they will deal with society as they grow older?

The problem is not this or that TV show or movie. Children need a role model, and if the parents and other significant adults in the child’s world (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) do not have genuine emotional contact with the child, then he or she will necessarily resort to substitute measures such as television programs, movies, the internet and video games for learning modes of behavior. A healthy relationship, however, between the child and parent, or parent substitute, provides the means for children to differentiate what is shown on TV and elsewhere and what is considered appropriate behavior in the real world. Certainly, viewing gratuitous violence, bad values and obscenity is not desirable, but in many instances these depictions can provide a contactful opening to discuss issues that the child is wondering about and give the parent an opportunity to explain why the anti-social behavior is not acceptable.

Why is America increasingly hated?

Increasing hatred of America coincided with the transformation of society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian, which occurred during the late 1950s and 1960s. This transformation was intensified by the so- called “sexual revolution” when the younger generation, biophysically unprepared for a truly healthy sexual life, demanded greater sexual freedom.

American pseudo-liberals quickly took advantage of this highly volatile social situation by identifying their leftist political agenda (based on their hatred of authority) with the sexual longing of young people. This politicized the movement, thereby turning it into an organized form of the emotional plague. The younger generation’s frustration and anger was directed toward authoritarian figures in America, who were perceived as being opposed to their sexual demands. Everyone in authority in the social mainstream (all law enforcement, college professors, leaders in business and the military) was viewed with hostility and suspicion, and with this there was a shift of the political center to the left. As a result, many people in government who had been considered liberal-minded in the past were labeled as “conservative” or “right-wing extremists.”

With the fall of the Soviet Union, America became the only super power. Since power is equated with the hated authority figure in the minds of the easily-influenced masses, fueled by the liberal media and entertainment industry, America easily became the targeted object of their hatred. This hatred of America by Americans has infected many countries in the free world, particularly in Western Europe.

What is a psychopath and how do they originate?

A psychopath or sociopath (the terms can be used interchangeably) is an individual, male or female, who behaves impulsively with little or no sense of what is right and wrong. Since he can be readily identified by his behavior, diagnostic tests are usually not necessary. The origin of the psychopathic character is found in early childhood development. In these cases there is a marked difference in the degree of parental frustration imposed on the young child. One parent is harsh and cruel while the other is permissive and loving. This contradictory way of upbringing, simultaneous parental repression and indulgence of the child’s wishes, results in a child with poor impulse control leading to psychopathic behavior in later life.

Prior to around 1960, child-rearing practices were fairly consistent in America. The family was intact and people had generally accepted forms of social behavior. Social life was primarily organized around the family. Sexual repression was the rule. Sexual matters were never publicly discussed and, according to tradition, sexual activity was confined to marriage. There was a general consensus as to what was right and wrong. Social destructiveness was held in check by individual and social restraints, by accepted codes of behavior and by statutory laws.

Then suddenly, in the span of a few short years during the early 1960s, partly as a result of the so-called “sexual revolution,” destructive impulses broke through in full force from within those of the younger generation. Family traditions were undermined and American society as a whole underwent a transformation from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian. With the eruptions of these destructive forces, almost every kind of socially pathological behavior came to be tolerated, if not accepted outright. “Sex, drugs and rock and roll” became the mantra of the 1970s. People were completely unprepared to deal with what was happening as the authoritarian family structure weakened or, in some cases, ceased to exist. In today’s anti-authoritarian society, permitting the child’s every wish combined with an absence of parental guidance has replaced old-fashioned authoritarian repression. This has led to aimlessness in children, an inability of the young person to take charge of his or her life, and anxious, chaotic behavior on the part of the younger generation.

Today, in our anti-authoritarian society, psychopathic behavior is becoming alarmingly more widespread. Some current examples of psychopathic behavior are: dishonest, greedy CEOs of large corporations committing corporate fraud, the entertainment industries’ romanticizing and glorifying criminals and psychopathic characters and turning them into heroes, and the increased incidence of all kinds of criminal behavior including, in particular, drug use in the past several decades.

There is no treatment for the true psychopath. In fact, clinical experience reveals that conventional forms of treatment such as psychotherapy result in their mental and/or physical deterioration. The psychopath is highly adept at using any form of therapeutic intervention in the service of his psychopathic tendencies.

What is wrong with legalizing gay marriage?

It is not possible to effectively answer the question the way it is asked. In fact, the way it is posed, the question can only lead to endless debate “for” or “against” the issue. More fundamentally, the question itself is indicative of armored thinking, which is characterized by mixing different realms and depths of functioning. In this case the right of individuals and a social relationship are not only separate functions but one, the “right,” is in the narrower social realm, while the other, “marriage,” is in a deeper realm, one that has developed out of a biological function.

Seen in this way, from the perspective of functional thought, we can look at how each side of the “question” is “partly right.” Removing the debate from its usual moralistic context, we can say that homosexual marriage is neither “right” nor “wrong” and that homosexual relationships can be legally recognized without using the term “marriage” and all it implies and has implied for thousands of years. In this way the legal and economic advantages that heterosexual unions now have can be rationally extended while still keeping intact the deeper biological function.

Employing this resolution takes any emotional plague, from either those on the right or the left, out of the equation. By doing so, the plague’s efforts to create confusion and obscure the central biological role of heterosexual sexuality in social life is defeated, and the rights of all citizens can be secured regardless of sexual preference.

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